PGA Tour Distances – I’ll Be Revisiting This Later

Here’s an interesting look at some numbers from the PGA Tour – I’ll be revisiting this particular article later once I’ve got things settled down with the model work, which is ongoing.

Of note, I found the average driver carry and total distance intriguing because that’s what I do most of my swing work with.


Because it’s the most difficult club to hit consistently and I’ve found that when I’m swinging well with the driver, the rest of the clubs fall into line.

So, with all of the time pros get to spend on just working on their swings and overall game, with the custom-tailored clubs and balls they get to use, let’s compare some of these numbers to 52 year old DJ who has had exactly 2 ranges sessions in the last ten months and who does not have custom-tailored equipment:

PGA Tour Average Carry/Total Distance

I’ll note that even if my SC300i was right on the money with yardage (which it isn’t by a long shot), I hit 79 drives yesterday that I captured on the SC300i (I hit more, but sometimes the monitor didn’t pick up the ball) that averaged (including misses and mishits) pretty close to this at 291.2 yards total distance and 276.5 yards carry according to the device.

I Looked Like This:

Factoring in that every time I was able to estimate my own distances, the SC300i was off by around 30 yards, I am comfortable saying that the 79 drives probably averaged closer to around 320 total yards and 305 yards carry.**

**This would also have been done with an unfitted driver and standard range balls.

That would square very closely to this from around 4 years ago:

This is not to boast, my friends – unless it is to crow about how effective the MCS Golf Swing theory is in producing leverage, speed and power, even at this stage where I am not finished building my personal model.

Here is the breakdown on some Tour players’ driver distances:

There is also irons and wedges data in the numbers and I’ve taken screen shots of it in case this article goes away for any reason.

I’ll come back to it whenever I have additional personal swing data to update.

As it stands, I have analyzed my video from yesterday and I don’t feel I’m even close to my finished swing product yet.

But I’m getting closer!

More to come.

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  1. BM

    I would be beyond tickled to hit it to Anne Van Dam’s carry yardage. Btw, her rollout is much more than the men. Her angle of descent must be perfect. How do I get that?

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