Just Another Day At The Range (330 Yard Drive)

I was at the range for a couple of hours today doing some work on my swing changes and hitting some balls, but I won’t have the time to get into it all until tomorrow.

Here is a swing I hit which I recorded down the line, and this happens all the time when I’m hitting driver –  this time it was one of the range attendants who happened by to collect empty buckets as I hit a drive.

I caught it OK and it went about 330 yards to the bottom of the mound I had measured at 335 yards halfway up (you can hear the SC300i give a “297 yards” reading which was I’ve stated is about 30 yards off with every club I hit today).

I have video of 9i, 7i, 5i and Driver face-on to show my first swings with the changes made over the winter, as well as Driver down the line (obviously), all real time and in slo-mo.

I’ll do some editing and analysis tonight and tomorrow morning – should be material posted sometime tomorrow in the afternoon!