I Wish I Knew How Far These Drives Went

I will likely begin my outdoor season this coming week after countless delays (weather, Covid bout and a laceration on my right index finger a couple of weeks ago that is now healed), and I’ve been looking for some decent drives with my old action I want to use for comparison.

I last did any meaningful swing work in 2019 (’20 & ’21 were a write-off with the Covid restrictions and other things with which I was occupied during that time), and I have a couple of swings from August that I don’t mind too much, even with the usual issues that aggravate me.

While looking at them, I noticed a pretty good flight time and put the stopwatch on them and I wish I’d had the SC300i launch monitor for distance, because they both had roughly 8 seconds of hang time (the fact I rough-estimated them both at 8.03s is coincidence, but indicates that I was getting very good consistency on the drives):

It’s been a while since I’ve had these kinds of range sessions and I find it hard to believe I was flying 8 second hang time drives, but every year of archives from 2013 on has drives of that type, at least 7 seconds and approaching 8.

It would have been nice to have had a launch monitor at the time, but I’ve done the lion’s share of my swing research going on contact, ball flight and shape with rough distance, strictly by eye.

In Slo-Mo

To be honest, I never felt I “had it” when it came to the optimal technique and I didn’t see the point of getting numbers every time I hit balls – so the fact that I’ve sprung for the SC300i for this season would tell you how good I feel about things.

Not bad impact positions on either swing:

I would imagine they went pretty far as this was my last range session before I travelled to Chicago for a consultation with a WAX Golf reader about a month later.

Even then, after a month off swinging, I hit a couple of drives right out of the member’s driving range at Medina CC (I wasn’t there long enough for us to play a round but I did see the “Sergio Tree” from the ’99 PGA Championship), which tickled my client quite a bit (I was using his varied collection of Callaway drivers).

Here are a couple of those “after a month off” drives:

I have to admit that I have been very lax on social media, again because I didn’t feel I had anything really worth showcasing – I’ve been much more active on social just following and supporting Liverpool FC, to be honest.

That will change if I feel I’ve got the model down and have optimal mechanics – then, I might get a little more active on Twitter and Instagram (don’t look for me on Facebook as I don’t spend any time on that app).

So, things are just about in place to get started and I will say I’m looking forward to it – I haven’t smashed balls in some time!