The Math Says I Hit 130 MPH Club Speed @ 45.5 Yrs

Before I get to my point, I know all about the SSR and the issues with accurate club speed.

I wasn’t measuring the club speed because I only had the Swing Speed Radar device which, again, I knew to be unreliable for measuring golf club impact speed.

This is because the radar catches the toe of the club instead of the middle of the club face, which is where the speed at impact is measured on a proper device, so the toe being further away from the middle of the face is travelling faster and therefore you can’t rely on the speed reading.

With a ball however, you will get the exact speed as it is a sphere and the device uses Doppler Radar (the same technology as used by the high-end launch monitor Trackman), so the velocity is the velocity, end of story (the device is also used for baseball and hockey puck speeds, again reliable because of the Doppler technology).

So, I was doing some all-out speed work in October of 2015 and hit two balls that measured 194 and 192 mph with a Geek Dot.Com driver with a loft of 6 degrees and standard length shaft.

The technique leaves a little to be desired, but remember this was in 2015 and I had just formalized the MCS swing theory that year – so I had a long way to go in applying it optimally (which I still yet haven’t!):

The Swing In Actual Speed

Now, you would ask, “How do you know that you hit 130 mph when you only have the ball speed data?”

“Great question,” I’d respond, “Because the club was conforming which means it cannot exceed 1.50 Smash Factor rating.  Not to mention, I was hitting range balls which lose speed the more they’re struck, so a range ball that I struck was still going 194 mph as it passed over the SSR.”

If you do the math, with a perfect Smash of 1.5, I’d have to have had a club impact of 129.33 mph at the very least to produce 194 mph ball speed.

Taking the very logical and likely correct assumption that A) I most definitely didn’t have a perfect Smash on that swing as I remember I caught the ball low on the club face and hit a low, flat line drive and B) a brand new real golf ball would likely, under the same swing, have traveled a little faster than a range ball, you can then move that club impact speed at the very least up by .67 mph (likely a few, but let’s just stop at 130) with that swing.

In addition (for those who doubt the SSR’s accuracy on balls, which has never been an issue, just with club speed), that was my last month hitting balls the season of 2015, so I’d been swinging quite a bit and for around 6 months, and had shot a swing video that summer (“The Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing”), so I was in prime swinging form.

Earlier that year I had traveled to California in January to work with “BT” and shoot video for the “MCS – Ultimate Leverage” video and hadn’t had a range session in months before the trip, but I registered 187 mph ball speed on the Foresight Launch Monitor while taking some licks with assorted drivers:

That would have meant a club speed of at least 125 mph and again, I doubt my Smash was perfectly 1.5, so I was likely north of 125 mph after not having had any range work in months.

The reason I’m even bringing any of this up is because you all know I’ve been lamenting having swung with a left-dominant bias instead of a proper two-armed swing and I’m wondering…

Would it be outside the realm of possibility to think that with such a big flaw eliminated from my form and having worked out (I believe and fervently hope) a swing model similar to or exactly like Mike Dunaway’s

Could I reach 195 mph ball speed and 130+ mph club speed at my ripe age of 52?

Or even 200 mph ball speed?

With a standard length driver?

Or, failing that, a long drive club, of which I have a couple?

I doubt I’ll be anywhere near that to start the season even with an optimal swing as that 194 mph was at the end of six months’ swinging and nearly 7 years younger, but it’s a tantalizing target for me.

At least I have the VC Swing Caddie, so I’ll be able to track my progress in swing speed, both club and ball, from Day 1.

And that Day 1 is nearly here, as I believe my recovery from the Covid-19 bout is complete and the weather looks very favorable for next week.

To be honest, I’d be delighted with a club speed in the 120s mph and ball speed in the 180s mph at my age, but I’m trying to prove something here.

So, we’ll see how it goes!

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