Apologies- I’ll Be Back

I’ve been laid up with this bug for a few days (it was a good 25 month run but with 3 kids in school, it was only a matter of when).

I likely won’t be posting, definitely won’t be hitting the range in the next few days.

Back in ’95 I caught Dengue Fever while living in St. Kitts-Nevis and this feels vaguely similar to the end stages of that ordeal.

So, I’ll be back when my energy levels allow – I was at least well enough yesterday to sit up for 90 minutes and take in the FA Cup Semi – Liverpool FC are still in the running for the unlikely but possible quad!

Until then, Happy Easter to everyone.


14 thoughts on “Apologies- I’ll Be Back

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Thanks Chief – I’m big on citrus too. Nothing like freeze-squeezed Navel OJ with breakfast in the morning. 👍🏼

  1. JJ

    Get well soon, DJ!

    While recovering, I wonder if you’d comment on an old quote from Jack Nicklaus:
    “I don’t believe in a lateral shift. Of course not. I believe in staying on the ball.” Asked what he thinks about teachers who advocate a weight shift, he answers, “They don’t know how to play.”


    I found this curious.

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Thanks JJ! Hoping the weekend was the worst of it as I woke up today feeling a little better.

      Jack – just clumsy wording, in my opinion. I think he meant to say “lateral shift” as he did first, then probably mixed up the wording from “lateral” to “weight” on the second mention of a shift. The weight has to shift to the trailing foot on the back pivot and then to the leading foot on the down swing, which Jack did superbly:

      You want a weight shift without a lateral shift, for the purposes of both leverage and consistency. Anyone who has played a sport knows how difficult it is to hit a target while in motion, so what I call the “floating pivot” has always been the optimal way to swing a golf club.

      When you can pivot with a stable head (no lateral shift), you’ll naturally be much better off than if you’re shifting laterally, head-wise.

      My guess is Jack meant “lateral” when he said “weight.” Because then what he says makes perfect sense.

  2. JJ

    Thanks, DJ. You must be correct. In fact, when he says “staying on the ball,” I think that is a reference to his stable head.

    Glad you’re feeling better!

  3. FAS

    Cheer up old dad, they say a cold lasts 7 days but with medication only a week.
    BTW have you seen Spieth’s pre swing routine? He throws the club out and pulls down and across!! I’m wondering why prescribe a club path like that, his actual swing is not like that thank goodness. I guess he knows what he’s doing, but I’m still wondering why.

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      BTW have you seen Spieth’s pre swing routine? He throws the club out and pulls down and across!!

      Yikes, FAS – sounds like more of that “swing left” madness they’re always trying to replicate from Hogan’s swing. The only thing Spieth proved is that you can shoot the lights out when you find a band-aid for your swing problems… until the next problem comes along shortly.

      I haven’t and will not look for this – if I wanted my eyes to bleed, I’d poke them with a sharp pencil. But we’ll know how long this particular gimmick works for him.

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