8 Months Off – Face On Driver Swing

I went back a little further than last July for this swing, to June 15th to be precise, as I can’t post any face-on swings between then and July 28th due to having been working on stance and mechanics.

Not a big fan of this swing but then, I’ve had 9 months to work on the stance and mechanics, so there is actually not one blessed swing in my library that I would like at this time.

This one will have to do for the purposes of comparing then vs future swings and it’s the Classic Golf Swing model so, there’ll be opportunity to compare Classic Then vs Classic and Post-Modern Future swings.

June 15 2021

You’ll notice as well that despite all of this talk about a “squat” into the downswing, it’s nothing more than a transition between a straighter trailing leg and fully bent leading leg to reversing those positions:

The “squat” is just a single position in a sequence of motion and telling people to squat into the downswing (they’ll actually say “squat then jump”) is ludicrous – it will happen naturally and automatically with the transition from the top and the weight shift to the leading foot to begin the downswing action.

Of course, the reason people are told to “squat and then jump” is because these jumpers never fully transfer their weight to the leading leg, instead leaving the ground altogether with the leading foot because they’re anchoring the trailing foot:

You Say “Potato,” I Say “What On Earth??”

Good news in that golf weather shouldn’t be much longer than a week or so to come and I can’t wait to:

  1. See if I’ve nailed the work done over fall and winter and
  2. Start building a new swing clips library

I haven’t been able to look at much of what I’ve got now except to go back and check certain positions or motion, so it’ll be exciting to have new video to analyze if it’s watchable.