I Last Swung A Club 8 Months Ago

It was on July 28 of last summer, before other things took precedence and I had a break from the golf swing until after the season’s close in autumn.

I will use the last swing clip I shot that day to compare with the first day back hitting balls this season, at which point I may be closer to having been off for 9 months.

This will be a good baseline against which to compare the changes I’ve implemented in my mechanics, namely and hopefully eliminating the biggest peeve of mine, the left-dominant swing action:

July 28 2021

You can see that left-dominant issue as I begin the down swing, and although I don’t swing over the top or outside-in, I don’t like how steep that initial transition is.

That left dominance also causes the early rotation of the body as evidenced by the very quick trailing heel separation.

I’ll be looking to see a more shallow transition with the club shaft with the transition, and of course these are purely expectations based upon the work I’ve done.

I expect these plane lines to change as well:

Club and ball speed-wise, I have no idea what to expect when I get back out the first day.  I’ll say right now I’d be more than happy with 115/170mph in club and ball speed, but that may be optimistic after 8+ months off.

Now, I’m sure whatever numbers I get initially will improve with more swing sessions, but here’s where I was before.

The last time I had any metrics on that was nearly 4 years ago (summer of ’18) and I was in the high 110’s (116-119 mph range) in terms of club impact with a ball speed around 170 mph.

You can tell using the Smash Factor that I wasn’t swinging much at the time and not getting the most out of my club speed – with a max club impact speed of 119.3 mph on this session, I should have been around max 178.95 mph with a 1.50 Smash.

That’s a nearly 10mph deficit, so while I had good speed, I wasn’t getting pure contact, which is to be expected if you’ve only swung once or twice in the preceding month as was the case.

So, although I’m 52 now instead of the 48 years of age I was at the time, I should have more natural leverage with the changes I’ve made – so I’d be delighted have 120/180 with a standard length driver at my age, once I’ve had a few swing sessions under the belt.

Anything more, I’d be over the moon.

Let’s see how close I can get to that.  And as I mentioned earlier, having the SC300i portable launch monitor with Doppler radar, the numbers I get as far as club and ball speed should be right on the money.

The first day will likely just be a matter of taking the adjusted Classic model for a spin, a few swings with the Post-Modern if I’m happy with the Classic, and hopefully some video clips from the two standard angles to analyze when I get home.

I may not even use the SC300i the first day – OK, well, I’m almost guaranteed to use it but I won’t be expecting usable data after a long layoff.

Right now, I’m just in the usual pre-season holding pattern where everything his about set to go and the only thing yet to fall into place is the weather, temp-wise.

More to come!