Getting All Science-y Now (Mini Golf Lab)

After years of blogging on the golf swing & having my WAX Nation readers take me at my word on ball-striking & distances, I’ve decided that this season will be very different – it’s time to put some science behind MCS, everyone!

By that, I mean not relying on the odd trip to a golf lab to get swing numbers, or go by more precise distances than “this one went to the foot of the mounds at the end of the range.”

I haven’t been very “science-y” before now (and yes, I know the word is “scientific,” just indulge me please), because of how this blog and my previous ones evolved between 2007 and present.

I began this journey years ago with a simple declaration – if no one could tell me the proper way to swing a golf club (after 2 modern swing instructors, I knew that what they were teaching was not it), I’d figure it out for myself or find the person(s) who had it figured out already.

This was U.S. Open Saturday in 2005 after a trip to the range for the first time in years, and I started my first blog in the autumn of 2007 which I used primarily to discuss swing thoughts, feature certain swingers of the past & present and of course post my own swings on the new and exciting YouTube website.

DJ In 2008 – Still Frame

I didn’t know or care how many people came to read my posts, but around 2009, when I began to post about driving the ball 350 yards on the golf course (I took that entire season off range work to just play golf) and other exploits, I noticed my daily views increasing.

DJ In 2009 – 350 Yard Drive

When I began to look at and discuss the Mikes Austin & Dunaway, things took off, but I was still just a golf swing researcher looking for answers on models and proper mechanics.

So, it never occurred to me when people began to request that I produce swing videos (and still others began to request personal consultations) that it was anything other than a guy with a small but growing and very enthusiastic readership exploring these things.

Since I began this journey with nothing more than clubs & a video camera before the days of widely available launch monitors and associated technology, I’ve been a little slow on that uptake.

There’s also the matter of my not thinking about a golf lab simply because I’ve never to this point thought that my own golf swing was worth doing in-depth analysis due to the swing flaws I was trying to eliminate, the worst of them being that I swung left-arm-dominant with a right-handed swing:


I would have thought that above swing not bad in the past, but knowing that I’ve solved my lefty issue, I can barely stand to look at any of my swings over the years, even those from less than a year ago.


So, if you’ve been paying attention and reading what I’ve been posting in the past months, then you’ll know the game has changed.

Very bluntly, I think I’m now at the point with my personal swing that I can move from swing research on mechanics to proving my models.

Only then did I think about things right now and…

It was an eye-opening moment, WAX Nation, when I realized today that with my Bushnell Tour V2 laser rangefinder, my new SC300i portable launch monitor equipped with Doppler radar and my iPhone 11, I don’t just have a new device with which to play, but I have virtually everything I need to create a mini golf lab that would be surpassed only by fabulously expensive golf facility equipment.

Example: With the iPhone 11 and a protractor/level app, I’ll have the ability to measure the lofts on my irons (the more accurate the info, the better readings you’ll get from the launch monitor).

That goes along with the amazing video and picture quality the iPhone offers, not to mention all of the data compilation I’ll be able to view instantly on it from the SC300i and its iPhone app, as well as providing real-time proof of whatever I’m doing at the moment.

Q: What does a 325 yard drive look like?

A: Why, exactly like this… here’s the video with club & ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry & total distance!

What that means for me personally is that I’ll be able to explore the various models I’ve built, compare them in terms of basic data and of course settle the question of exactly which way is the better way to swing a golf club, both for playing purposes and long driving.

The only better way to do this would be to have a professional club fitter’s or instructor’s lab.

Now, I’m no techo-geek (which is not an insult, because right now I wish I were one), as you can tell by the length of time I’ve been working at creating a different layout for my website, so it may be a long and painful process bringing myself up to speed on the various things associated with providing lots of content for WAX Nation.

I’ve had notions of being more active on Instagram and Twitter, doing podcasts, live streams et al, but to be perfectly honest, I was never going to get into any of that until I felt two things:

  • my swing models were correct and optimal and
  • my own swing technique was up to snuff and properly emulating any model I present

That second part has been the barrier, but if I’m talking about all of this stuff now… you can do the math on this situation.

I’ll start with making sure at the start of the outdoor season that everything I want in place is in fact there, and then…

… we take things up a notch, WAX Nation.

More to come!