Long Drive Swing – Things Just Got Interesting

Well, that didn’t take long at all.

I spent the last two days following my last post working on modelling the traditional long drive swing action with which we’re all familiar and… things are going well.

You’ll recall my mentioning the twisting forces that a more rotary swing model might place on your lower body parts when swinging as hard and fast as one possibly can – but it turned out that once again, it’s just a matter of applying proper mechanical technique to the action.

What did I do to figure this out?

Nothing more than simply remembering that I had been able to build the Post-Modern swing model by throwing out anything anyone had to say about the swing and starting from the ground up.

So I did the same with the long drive swing. Out went everything I’d ever tried with that swing and I began over again from the ground up.

What happened then?

Nothing more than the exact same thing happened as with the Post-Modern model.

“From The Top, Down…”

I did it a little differently, actually, but with the same method – instead of beginning at the impact position and reverse-engineering the stance and mechanics, I decided what the optimal leveraging action would be from the top and from there built the stance and action that would employ this leverage.

And imagine what happened next – I started at the hardest setting I’ve used to date with the Post-Modern speed-work with my SwingRite

… and began to snap it with ease on that same setting, which proves that it is at the very least equal in terms of generating speed and power.

However, the ease with which I was able to do so indicated that I’d be likely to generate greater club speed with this action, but I’ll have to wait to see what happens out of doors.

For now, I’ll work out with both the Classic Long Drive and the Post-Modern (Shift-And-Post) models.

I’m also going to have to get back into better swing shape, because it’s been years since I spent hours at a time on the range banging balls.

I found that the better my swing theory and personal mechanics got, the less time I had to hit balls and the less time it took to go from rusty after time off to hitting them as solidly as I possibly could.

This year however, perhaps it’s a delayed mid-life crisis beginning in my early 50s – but I actually want to and am looking forward to getting in the kind of shape where I can spend a couple of hours at a time smashing balls.

You never know – I’d have to do some research to see what the highest recorded club impact speed, ball speed and driving distances are in the over-50 set, and I’d love to see how I can measure up with both swing models.

And by recorded, I don’t mean legends or folk tales, but actual verified metrics either from the long drive circuits, senior tours and/or simple videos with reputable launch monitors that many swingers post online.

I do know one thing – I am confident that if I have everything correct when I do get back out of doors, I’ll blow the doors off of anything I’ve done to date with a golf club and ball.

And I know a good number of people still visiting this blog have seen what I could do in my 40s.

Could be some really fun months ahead, health and pandemic allowing!

More to come.