Speed Work Soreness! Taking Another Look @ The Long Drive Swing

It’s either the mid-winter doldrums or I’ve reached the end of the line looking at the mechanics of the for-now named Post-Modern swing model.

Also, I really went at it speed work-wise yesterday and just about every back and rib muscle is protesting, so I’m taking another look at the mechanics of what I call the traditional long-drive swing motion.

It’s likely just my OCD – I posted last weekend about not being able to get a visual out of my head concerning the Shift-And-Post pivot action, I tried all morning to ignore the visual of the long drive back swing pivot, with no success.

So, I decided to take a physical and mental break from the Shift-And-Post and do a little more modelling research on the same swing I said I’d leave alone just yesterday.

Because, I find it difficult to believe that one can’t build a proper long drive swing along the lines of what we usually see with that action:

Just looking at that swing above where I was in the 190s mph ball speed, I know I could likely exceed the numbers I was hitting 6.5 years ago (this is from September 2015 when I was 45.5 years old), just comparing the action and ball placement with my current visual.

If I were to have to critique the swing above, I’d say that I love the back pivot action and the top position, but the ball position would be a speed impediment to producing higher club and ball speeds.

These impacts are solid on the club face, but the face-on view shows how the ball position is problematic:

Things change however looking at the swing down the line, where I’m also very critical of the trailing leg action, severely restricting a full pivot as well as the downswing plane, but also affecting leverage and speed production:

All of the above are a result of being left-arm dominant and I think the I’ll do much better, even nearly 7 years older than the guy swinging above, by eliminating that single issue.

And of course, some work to nail down the exact correct stance and pivot action but I’m pretty sure I’d be in the ball park the first day out swinging this way.

After all, it’s the traditional Classic Golf Swing pivot action, just a little super-charged for long driving.

So, I’ll make this my pet project for the season when I’m burnt out from the Shift-And-Post model work or, more desirable, when I’ve finished the modelling work and can turn my attention elsewhere.

I’m also curious as to whether or not I could swing better with a Shift-And-Post action and a standard length club or whether the shift (pun intended) to the traditional long drive action would be required with the longer and heavier shaft and club.

Fun stuff ahead this season – feels like the old days of 2009-16 when I ate, drank and breathed swing theory.

I feel as though I got a little stale between ’17-’20 (mostly due to having hit a wall in my modelling work, which I’ve smashed through recently), and of course the last two years have been a near write-off with the pandemic lockdowns in these parts.

But it feels good to be back at it with excitement and enthusiasm again!

More to come.