I’m Excited About This Year Like No Other In Nearly A Decade

I clearly remember the last time I was this excited about the start of a new golf season, and it was around this time in the winter of ’12-’13.

I had just declared that I was leaving the school of Mikes Austin & Dunaway because the swing model was just too complicated to master, that it wouldn’t work for most people & that I was working on a new golf swing model.

That part there – too complicated – turned out to the be the explanations of the mechanics, in my humble opinion, now that I have built a model from the ground up that in theory virtually mirror’s Mr. Dunaway’s.

I say “in theory” of course because I haven’t put it through the paces as of yet, but back to the winter of ’12-’13, when I began work on the “New MCS” golf swing model to distinguish it from the previous MCS model which I had spent two years working on in hopes of interpreting the MA/MD model for others to grasp.

I actually did return to them in the autumn of that year for a final attempt to explain the MA principles, some of you will remember, but again, I was always using the terminology given instead of using my own as I will be the next time I shoot a golf swing video.

I put my focus then on simply telling people how to swing in the Classic Golf Swing style rather than follow a set swing performed by someone else, and that season of 2013 was a most enjoyable one for me.

As a matter of fact, I discovered in the following summer of ’14, after giving Ben Hogan another look (rather than just taking the words of clueless swing gurus on television), to my surprise, that Hogan himself always used the Classic Golf Swing model with the free movement of his hips and a lifting leading heel, and I proved it with the following gif among others:

I’ve already discussed my suspicion that Hogan’s golf book did more to ruin good swings than anything else I can think of, because people misinterpreted his saying to restrict the hips from moving to the right on the back swing to mean restricting the hip turn.

That was a turning point for me – never ever trust what anyone is saying about a particular golf swing, look at it for yourself, and boy, was all of the talk about Hogan being the father of the modern golf swing a bunch of nonsense.

Not to mention, what Hogan said made perfect sense because if you look at a golf swing swung in the proper rotary pivot method of the Classic Golf Swing, you’ll see that even Mike Dunaway swung this way when he became known, and the hip has full and free rotary motion but doesn’t move to the right:

  • Head biased to the right at address,
  • Hips turning, not shifting,
  • The “Swinging Gate” with the left leg
  • Clearly visible heel lift
  • Short-Stop Slide Release of the trailing foot through impact

Funny enough, this is basically the MCS Classic Golf Swing model that Dunaway is performing above, he just executed it much closer to the optimal than I have been able to until this winter – but I’m not finished so that has yet to be a permanent situation.

If you remember my last videos however from the “E = MCS” series, this is exactly how you’d want to swing in the Classic Golf Swing style, is it not?

In fact, were I to make another basic Classic Golf Swing video using the rotary hip pivot instead of a “shift & post” type of pivot, you’d likely see me swing exactly like MD above, accounting for the difference in our personal physiques and athletic abilities.

So, the last winter that I was this excited, I put myself on the path to studying Hogan’s pivot action which launched the post-New MCS model video series (“MCS – Ultimate Leverage” to “MCS – Dropping The Hammer”).

This winter, I’ve got those days again where I’m working on the swing and become so enthused with the coming start of this season!

One thing I can predict, well probably three things that will be much different with my own swing once I get video:

  • For starters, no more left-arm dominant swinging, which was my personal bugaboo,
  • No more sliding trailing foot through impact – I’m pretty sure I’ve nailed this swing action down to where the trailing heel should only be starting to lift, if at all, at impact,
  • You won’t believe the difference in down swing club positions and plane from the top to impact. A side-by-side comparison of my best old swings and the coming season’s swing will likely be jaw-dropping for me personally, but let’s see where things go once I’m back outside.

I’ll be referring to this particular model I’ve been working on as the “MCS Post-Modern” swing model, but as I said, no one owns a motion.  Some will call it Mike Dunaway’s swing if I’ve nailed it because I’m pretty sure it’ll look pretty much like this:

Now, I won’t post video of my work unless the action is what I want and expect to see, so there won’t be any “work in progress” video, it’ll either be the finished product in rough form or I’ll be simply saying “not there yet.”

However, I’ve been doing this for a few years now and I’m very confident of what I’ll see when I get back out.

So… tick-tock!

2 thoughts on “I’m Excited About This Year Like No Other In Nearly A Decade

  1. Joe Gallant

    Hi Dj,great to see you still improving on the already successful golf swing instruction,a new video coming soon?

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Hi Joe!

      I have some model work to finish when I get back out of doors but I anticipate at least one video project this season.

      I have simplified the Classic model I’ve featured for the last few years and I will be looking at putting out a final Classic model video.

      Aside from that, there are the other 2 swing model I’ve mentioned (Post-Modern & Traditional Long Drive), and if I’m able to definitively break down and explain either or both, there will be additional video projects in the pipeline.

      Right now, I’m just anxious to get back out and confirm my modelling, after which the fun begins! 😁

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