Blast From The Past – The Bunker Shot

I was just going through some of my social media (a lot of old stuff to delete, going to take some time), and I found a thumbnail of a bunker shot (this one here) that I captured once while preparing to shoot a bunker shots clip.

I had just thrown down some balls and set up the camera, but I wanted before I shot the clip to hit a ball or two, as I hadn’t hit any bunker shots in a dog’s age.

Of course, the very first swing I took with the camera running was perfect, and as you can see from my reaction, it wasn’t staged.

Goes to show you that when you get the swing technique you’re using down pat, it doesn’t take much if any warm-up at all to get into the groove.

Just a little fun clip while I work on the site and my social (and while more snow is set to fall tonight).

Spring will arrive one day!