Comments Re-Activated & New Contact/Info Page

I’ve received feedback on the latest round of posts as well as the lack of comments availability, so while we wait for spring and a new season at WAX Golf, here is some news.

Although I said I would refrain from commenting on other swings as I used to in my analysis work, I see that the analysis posts have been well received and so I’ll post more of the same in the next few weeks as I see fit.

Work continues behind the scenes on a new site format, which will likely be a static site with a blogroll instead of the old blog format.

For the time being, I’ve reactivated the comments section and updated the site contact & info page.

For the old hands, it’s back to the business as usual, for new readers and commenters, please be advised that:

  • Comments will not be moderated except in the instance of unacceptable language (profanity, personal attacks, etc.) or spam (which includes promotion of other sites or products unrelated to the subject at hand), in which case they will be deleted,
  • Discussion is welcome, however repetitive or argumentative comments designed to derail conversation will be deleted,
  • Let’s keep things family-friendly and pertinent, and that’s about all!

I’m not really a social media butterfly (aside from having avidly Tweeted on Liverpool FC issues on my secondary Twitter acct, which used to be my primary), but I’ll likely begin in the next few months to get back into the social content on my new Twitter account & of course Instagram.

Apologies for the dead links to deleted posts in the Instagram account, I’ll be cleaning those up as I have time to do so, but fresh content will be relevant and linkable back to the site going forward.

See you all on the other side.

DJ Watts

6 thoughts on “Comments Re-Activated & New Contact/Info Page

  1. BM

    Wax golf, wanted to get your opinion on a recent change I made and how you would analyze it. Recently I have been settingup with what Don Trahan calles Pre-loaded heavy right. That is at address about 80% of my weight is on the trail leg. I have gained 25 yard in driving distance. I notice with mirror work that I am achieving about 25 degrees more shoulder turn. I do not hurt after a round of golf anymore in my body, legs or back. I do not sway, there is only a bit of rotation of trail knee. I still have a kicked in right knee at address. Please tell me why this works so well.

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Hi BM –

      You’re doing good things with the setup, weight biased to the right side & with the right knee kicked in. Solid, fundamental stuff.

      The reason it works so well is because the optimal impact position is exactly that:

      The modern stuff with the left bias is so-so with wedges or short irons because you have a sharply descending strike with those shots, however to have good, consistent ball-striking and to avoid breaking your back, you want to set up with a right-biased address.

      All of the greatest swingers did so, even Tiger Woods early on in his career. When he began to bias left under Foley, he was a back injury (and more) waiting to happen.

      You have to really crunch that lower back and right side to get to impact from the left bias, and there’s no reason on earth to want to swing this way.

      Keep up the good work!

  2. Roger Blinn

    DJ Glad to have you back Your right on track
    Let us fans know where your giving out lessons this year

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Thanks Roger – been a little side-tracked the past couple of years, but let’s hope this year gets back on track in a real way!

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