Musings: The “One Major Move” Still Applies To The New Model

If you are in the optimal address position before initiating the backswing pivot, there’s not much that can go wrong, but one must be wary of not performing the optimal mechanical move, since (if you’re going to this trouble) you want an optimal swing.

In working on the initial move, I’ve been attempting to isolate the exact action in the optimal pivot so that I can more easily explain it.

What I realized today is that the “One Major Move” concept from the MCS Classic Golf Swing model (and which was introduced in 2017’s “E = MCS” video) is still a great visual or swing thought in getting to the optimal top position.

The “One Major Move” Back Pivot

Again, this is all theoretical musing as I haven’t yet been able to take the finished model for the necessary trials and test run, but when you’ve been working on models as long as I’ve been, you are pretty certain of what you’re going to see when you take things from theory to practice.

With that caveat aside, I isolated the optimal downswing trigger and action a couple of weeks ago with a couple of tweaks to my setup and I was making swings with the thought in mind that I wanted that optimal downswing and follow-through action from the top.

When I was able to make that optimal downswing, it was in the swings following my using the “One Major Move” concept in the back pivot with one one little additional thought concerning the leading shoulder.

So, I guess you could call it “One Major Move” with “One Little Extra Feel” which got me to the optimal top position or at least the one that allowed me to make that downswing move and through to the finish with the action I wanted.

3 months or so until I can hit the outdoor lab and begin gathering data!