Why I Didn’t Want To Discuss The New Swing Model – Work In Progress

I wrote last month about not wanting to discuss the swing model I’ve been building since last summer because I didn’t have everything I wanted and needed completed in order to talk specifics.

Turns out, I was correct not to do so.  Something has changed, as recently as yesterday!

The thing with building a model from the ground up instead of attempting to emulate another model created by someone else is that you have no reference either to aid this process, but also nothing to impede the mission of building the optimal model.

That means you can actually improve something that you feel can be improved rather than comparing models to see if they are identical.

While working on the setup yesterday, I began to tinker with the arm position to see if I could tighten the down swing and thus maximize the leverage – I was fortunate not to be swinging very hard, as I was correct about the tinker.

I would likely have tweaked or injured something with the added speed and rotational force through the impact zone with the setup the way it was

In other words, the one adjustment I made now required another adjustment to account for the removal of yet another speed impediment.

It was only when I began to adjust my feet in the setup that I sensed that I was now in territory I haven’t yet visited in building this MCS Post-Modern model.

Exciting for me.

The work continues.