The New MCS Golf Swing Model Is An Old Model (Mike Dunaway)

dunaway 386I mentioned earlier in the season that I had decided to completely re-build the MCS Golf Swing, using only my acquired knowledge of leverage & mechanics principles instead of trying to re-create other swingers’ actions.

For example, the MCS Classic Golf Swing is modeled on having observed the commonalities of the greatest swingers of tournament golf, which generated a basic model of classic swing without the idiosyncrasies of the swingers themselves.

It is still a legitimate model which virtually any swinger on earth can emulate following the MCS principles, but since determining that there is no way (that I know) of improving the MCS Classic Golf Swing model, I turned back to my years-earlier pursuit of the Mike Dunaway swing model.

Incidentally, I noticed while writing my last posting on the PLDA’s Long Driving Championship last week, a certain name:

dunaway 386


That screenshot was taken from the 1997 Remax World Long Drive Finals clip on Youtube, and it shows that Mike Dunaway had a longest drive of 386 yards and had a 6 for 6 round averaging 375 yards, while not making the Finals.

“Big deal,” you might say – except that in 1997, Mike Dunaway would have been 42 years of age with diabetes, competing against men in their 20’s (the winner, Jason Zuback, would have been 27 years old then), so I would say that yes, it’s a pretty big deal.

Not to mention, many long drivers don’t even get 1 of 6 into the grid, and many others get 1 or 2 of 6 into the grid – Dunaway got all 6 of his balls into the grid with an average of 375 yards… pretty well proves that his demonstration a few years later in the Peace River video where he drove a 375 yard green multiple times was not a fake.

Throw in the fact that he achieved this feat in ’97 with 90’s era equipment and balls and that many of last week’s competition’s longest drives were only 20-30 yards longer… that’s a pretty impressive accomplishment for a 42 year old man who likely didn’t even train in long drive other than to hit balls with his regular swing and clubs.

With all of that, the reason I’m writing about Mike Dunaway while talking about my latest model work is because, after throwing out everything and starting anew building a swing model, the model I have right now is… Mike Dunaway’s.

Not the typical “Classic” model (of which Dunaway’s model is a member because the requirement of free-moving hips & legs generating the power), but Dunaway’s.

That leaves me with the conclusion that I have suspected all along these years once I returned to look at Austin & Dunaway – it’s not that the swing models are too complicated & difficult to grasp & perform, but rather the explanations & descriptions of how to build these swings were either woefully inadequate or were so far out of the normal realm of explanation that most people just couldn’t get how to get there listening to them.

I have given the two possible scenarios and my choice is the latter – I even said a while back that most of the Austin/Dunaway imagery didn’t work for me.

Now that I have arrived back at Dunaway’s swing model starting from scratch to build the most leveraged & efficient swing, I can only conclude that it was the imagery/explanation area of the instruction that got lost in the translation to the average person.

That isn’t a condemnation nor a criticism of the men, only my opinion that had the swings been explained in a manner more suited to quick apprehension, you’d have people swinging in this manner everywhere you look.

md modern drv

I unfortunately may have run out of season in which to shoot video of this new MCS Golf Swing model, but building a model from the ground up takes a lot of time & thought.  I have only in the past few days begun to think, “I am just about there,” but the ranges in this region have switched to mats only with only a couple or three weeks left before closing for the winter.

With the amount of overcast & rainy days, I likely wouldn’t have had enough days to shoot a video let alone doing one on mats (virtually impossible as one can’t be guaranteed a large enough space to set down video equipment and not interfere with other swingers).

I plan to try to get at least a few swings on camera before the end of the season, for analysis of course.

I still have work to do before a video shoot however, such as gathering launch monitor data to prove what I’m saying about the power, speed & accuracy of a swing motion that let Old Man Mike run with the young guns at the ’97 Remax.

So, there is a swing model, but I won’t be able to get it out to people before next spring at the earliest.

If I’m correct when I view the video I shoot before the end of the season with regards to the model being what it should be, I may do some writing about it during the winter layoff. 

I can’t promise anything right now as I don’t have that video & I refuse to talk about a model that is unproven – I think I’ve established by now in my years of video production that I always deliver. 

In fact, I’ve been accused by many of under-promising & over-delivering when it comes to my video content.

I’d like to keep that trend in my writing about swing models as well, so until I have the video to look at, I will keep my mouth firmly zipped.

But it’s going to be something, I can promise that!