Shift & Post Golf Swing (Not Perfect, But Not Bad)

4 impI wrote earlier about the lack of hip shift in some of Mike Dunaway’s swings we’ve seen in his Mike Austin collaborations, so I decided to see how much if any actual hip shift I got myself performing the shift-and-post move.

I’ll say this – it is very difficult to make immediate swing changes as most of you who’ve really dedicated yourselves to improving your swing, but I was able to make a passable impression of a pivot where my head had to shift.

As well, the swings where I actually did it more or less properly, I have to tell you, the ball flight was something else.  Not as high as my usual swing model produces, but drilled and penetrating with very little curve at all.  Really enjoyable to watch those balls when I connected.

What I wanted to find out was whether or not the shift-and-post feels like the picture shown below:

dunaway thumbnail

… and it indeed does – so what Dunaway is demonstrating here in the Austinology DVD is the feeling of the hips moving to the right with the spine tilting left, but it doesn’t happen that way, not even close.

The fact that there is a head shift to the right on the back pivot automatically precludes this from being possible, however the first half of the back pivot does absolutely feel as though this is happening.

My Pivot

shift post address & pivot

As you’ll see, there was a small shift to the right with my hips – I drew the vertical line with the edge of my right hip inside it, but as you can see, hip & top of thigh shift outside the line on the pivot.

So, a shift rather than an immediate “barrel-turn,” before the hips did turn – but the hips must turn whether in a rotational classic pivot or in the shift-and-post, or else you wouldn’t get any shoulder turn.

It’s just that the turn occurs after the shift, so here’s the pivot action itself:

shift & post swing

I wasn’t over the moon about my top position, a little loose, but that and the slight lateral shift to the target to transition are a result of the setup, but I really liked what I saw with the pivot action.

Now that I have the feel to go by, an adjustment to the setup here & a tighter top with a more pronounced right shoulder drop on the transition, should unlock the remaining leverage & speed/power into the ball.

As it was, like I said, the impact on the good swings was… solid…

4 imp

And a nice balanced finish:

5 finish