The MCS Videos Are No More – Time To Update

video emcsI want to thank everyone who supported the blog & the MCS cause with their download purchases for the MCS Classic Golf Swing video series.

I had them up for a “limited time” but it’s been over 2 months since I put them back up for sale at the discounted price, because I wished to make sure everyone had the chance to get them.

Now that they’ve been removed again, they won’t be back. Please do not email about them, as they’ve been up for some time, and they are not coming back. On this, I am decided.

Some thoughts:

  • “E = MCS” is four years old (the longest time any MCS video has been available) and while the content is 95% unchanged, I’ve made far too much progress in my own swing to keep the videos around.
  • Let’s say, I need new video with a better model (swinger) and while that swinger won’t change (yes, still yours truly), the swing motion will be much better than anything I’ve managed to perform to date.
  • I’ll also be updating the blog in July, with a new format & look, so that’s what I’m currently occupied with, along with the swing work I’m continuing this season now that facilities are back open.

It’s looking like a very short season, as we’re already at the end of June, but I should have a solid 3 months to work on new video and swing numbers to showcase the MCS Golf Swing model & theory.

I have even been wading through all of the historical MCS videos, right back to the original “Smash Golf MCS” video from the summer of 2010, and there is a gold mine of ideas & concepts.

The problem is, I want to make the motion & concepts as simple as possible, so I’m searching for any to add to the “One Major Move” concept, as it’s still the simplest one I’ve devised thus far – I expect any future videos to be paragons of simplicity!

Right now, I’m disabling the comments again as I work on the site makeover, even if I do publish a few more posts between the hard change – if you happen to come by in the next couple of weeks and see a “work in progress” page and nothing more, that will be the work that must be done with the blog offline.

If that page appears, it will be for a few hours or a day, but shouldn’t be longer – just check back in the next day!

So, to all of WAX Nation, old & new – this isn’t the end, rather a new chapter in the journey that began for me on August 7th, 1995 when I picked up a golf club that wasn’t a putter (I’d played mini-golf before) & nearly fell on my keister that first swing at the hitting net before my first round.

More to come!