Here’s a Shocker – Mike Dunaway Gained Fame With A Classic Swing & Floating Pivot

mike dunaway address-topThe thing I like to do is to conduct research rather than listen to fable, fairy tales and stories about legends, if legends exist.

I did it with Ben Hogan back in 2014, when I noticed something about Hogan that everyone in the golf industry said was happening that definitely wasn’t.

If you all remember the “Ben Hogan Project,” those of you who were around in 2014, you’ll remember how I broke down the fallacy that Ben Hogan innovated the Modern Golf Swing, which meant to swing with restricted hips & no lifting leading heel.

I showed it in real video of Hogan, a couple of gifs of which are below:

hogan step

You can clearly see above the free-turning hips and the leading heel detaching on the pivot of a swing that isn’t even the driver, it’s a fairway wood from the fairway.

Below, you see even more heel lift in the leading foot with the driver swing, so with a little research back in 2014, I showed how Ben Hogan had a Classic Golf Swing pivot even after his near-fatal car wreck.

Ben Hogan's Floating Heel

Before the wreck, Hogan had even more of a heel lift before his injuries in the wreck with the bus:

hogan young

Again, full turn of the hips (no way to get the left femur vertical without the heel detaching to allow the “Swinging Gate”), so there you have it.  From there, I began to remodel the MCS Classic Golf Swing with Ben Hogan’s “Floating Pivot,” which meant you pivot with the head remaining stable on the back swing, floating in place during the pivot.

Well, fast-forward 7 years and I noticed something in Mike Dunaway’s 1986 “Sybervision Golf Swing” video that made me sit up and watch, then go to my video editor to draw a simple line.

Sure enough, what I saw cannot be denied – the Mike Dunaway golf swing model with which he gained fame as a legendary “Father of Modern Long Drive,” was not the Shift & Post “Compound Pivot” of Mike Austin legend, rather it was your Classic Golf Swing pivot and even better, it is a Floating Pivot.

Don’t believe me?  Well, I wouldn’t make a claim without irrefutable proof now, would I? Because that’s not my thing – I go with facts, not stories.

Watch below, where I’ve drawn a vertical line against Dunaway’s right hip while he’s at address.

You will see absolutely no shift of the hips nor a posting on the right leg during the back pivot, rather you will see the hips turn and the right hip move behind him towards the target as in a standard rotary Classic Golf Swing pivot:

mike dunaway floating pivot

All of the yummy stuff from the Classic Golf Swing is there, friends, down to the “short-stop slide” rather than the “step-around finish” of his later swing models:


Here it is, the address & the top position:

mike dunaway address-top

This is the classic top position of a Classic Golf Swing pivot where, if you kicked out the leading leg of the swinger, he or she would lean and fall to their left, since virtually all of their weight is well left of the right foot and the right leg tilts toward the target.

As for the head, most of the apparent motion is simply the turn of Dunaway’s head during the pivot, but even if there is a shift to the right, it is so slight as to be negligible – the model would dictate a perfectly stable head but since we are not machines, it’s doubtful even Hogan, from whom I took the concept, had a completely stable head during his pivot.

So, if one really wishes to quibble with me and say, “Dunaway’s head does shift,” I’ll shrug and say, “perhaps a tad, now explain to me how this pivot is not a rotary Classic Golf Swing pivot but a “Shift & Post” when there is absolutely no shift, rather a turn of the hips.”

This swing motion, the swing model that made Dunaway famous, was a Classic Golf Swing pivot, and darned near perfectly a “floating pivot” version of it.

It always pays to look for oneself, something I’ll admit I failed to do with Dunaway’s swing in this video.

In this regard, Mike Dunaway has essentially proven my theory that a Classic Golf Swing model is equal to the Post-Modern shift-and-post model, since Dunaway’s feats that made him famous were in the persimmon days of this Sybervision video, not later when he was making videos with Mike Austin.

For anyone who wants to say that Mike Dunaway only swung this way before he met Mike Austin and received his mentorship, here’s  a screenshot of the credits:

sybervision credits

I’ve actually now removed my MCS videos from sale in light of this development, because while the content therein is very correct and on point, MD’s execution of this swing is far superior to anything I’ve been able to perform myself.

If you have the videos, listen to my explanation of the pivot and watch my swings & Dunaway’s in the Sybervision video.

I’ve actually been working on the Classic model pivot since making this discovery, and I feel I’ll be able to duplicate this particular swing action, at which point I’ll reshoot the MCS Classic Swing video, and of course, I’m still working on the Post-Modern model!

More to come.

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      Mickey Wright had a Classic Golf Swing with a centered bias, hence the head shift on the back pivot. Fabulous swing.

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