2nd Day Back – More To My Liking! (Classic Swing Model)

dj drv imp dtlI made an adjustment in my setup & back swing pivot action, and the result on my 2nd day back was more to my liking – especially with the irons when I hit a bunch of them!

It’s one of my kids’ birthdays today so I’m a little pressed for time, had enough to get a DTL swing up with some Gifs below.

I’ll have more to say later, but this is more like what I want to see with the MCS Classic Golf Swing action.

Not perfect of course, but a sight better than last week, and perhaps next time out I’ll get even closer.

A little more extension in the trailing leg on the back pivot, and if you’re looking at video of your own swing, the leg won’t be completely straight, nor will it be at its straightest at the top.

dj drv dtl slo june 22

When you sequence the Classic Golf Swing properly, it will be at its most extended before the top, because by the time you reach the top, you’ll be starting to shift the weight to the leading leg and the trailing leg will be flexing again.

Showing the 3 planes of the swing from address to impact:

dj 3 planes jun 22

Once I feel the swing is where it should be, I’ll post irons & wedges as well, but I’ve just been working at the present to get back into swing shape and, for me, when the Driver is ironed out, all the other clubs fall into line.

Today however I did hit some gorgeous long irons (4 & 5), lasers that held their line even against the left-to-right wind – my Bushnell rangefinder battery died, so I can’t really give distances, but the green over which I was hitting my Driver was over 230 yards & I was one-hopping range balls onto it with the 4 iron.

More to come.