1st Day At The Range In 9.5 Months! MCS Swing Classic Swing

dj topToday was my first day back at the range since September 1st of last year, making it 9.5 months since I hit a golf ball!

Fortunately, when you have a mechanically-correct swing model (the optimal one is the best to strive for of course), it shouldn’t take you a long time to find the groove again if you’ve been on a short, middling or long break.

I’d say 9.5 months is a good long break, so let’s see how I did with my MCS Classic Golf Swing action after close to a year off, shall we?

Again, the closer your swing is to the optimal model, the easier you will find it to maintain, and while I wasn’t giving myself an “A” on it, I’d say I was a B+ in the execution.

I did try some Post-Modern Golf Swing but considering it was the 1st day back & a gale-force breeze was blowing, I decided to shoot a few swings on the Classic model to see where I was on that, and to forgo working on the Post-Modern

It was hard enough to focus & maintain my balance with a swing in which I’m well-versed (Classic), so I went with that.

Apologies, I was a little careless setting up the camera on both angles and it wasn’t a square face-on or dtl, but it’s close enough.

Here is the face-on swing:

And the down the line angle:

As far as fundamentals go, you’ll recall that I used to have issues with my swing plane, even while developing the MCS Classic Golf Swing model, due to various personal reasons, but as you can see here below, nearly a year off & I wasn’t ever thinking of my swing plane.

I just set up over the ball and let fly, and you can see I’m in the golden zone with my hands dropping into and staying in the zone, with my impact plane between the Hogan Plane (red line, plane through the leading arm at the top) and my address plane:

3 planes dtl

Another fundamental would be the “floating pivot” where the head remains stable from address to the top of the back swing, and while there’s a little drop from the address position, my head is still largely in the circle of the pivot position:

floating pivot swing

I was able to improve my “Swinging Gate” action just through working on this swing indoors with my swing stick during the layoff, and you can see a nice “stepping into it” when I transition to the down swing.

Even with the strong left-to-right wind, when I struck it purely, the balls were cutting through with very little movement and I drove a few to the back mounds well in excess of 300 yards from the tee.

There are a couple of things I wasn’t happy with, such as my posture and weight distribution at address, but these are easy fixes.


3 thoughts on “1st Day At The Range In 9.5 Months! MCS Swing Classic Swing

  1. Mark Cartner

    How well were you hitting them relative to your normal standard? You said your swing execution was a B- so does that mean your swing speed and ball striking were also a B-?

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’d say the speed was nearly 100% Mark but I’d need a launch monitor to know for sure. Guessing by distance.

      Irons were very solid but looking at the face on video, ball position for driver needs adjustment, I was a little handcuffed coming into impact.

      A little taller setup, fix the ball position in the setup & I’ll probably be able to improve to an A.

      We’ll see next time out!

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