BREAKING – Golf Back On Saturday May 22nd

lets goThe lockdown order that has had the courses and ranges shuttered for the last is now easing, with openings OK’d as of this Saturday.

Great news, but you won’t find me anywhere near there on the weekend as it’s a Holiday weekend and I don’t do crazy.

However, I am hoping to be able to get out sometime next week and to take both of my swing models out for a spin to see how the swing I’ve done over the past 18 months has gone.

I have no idea how busy things will be, but there it is – I’ll be getting back to the work at hand in the next few days and I can’t wait to hit some balls!

I have held off talking about a good number of things because, as you all know, I’m dissatisfied with the swings I currently have on video. Frankly, due to the work I’ve done, even the latest swings I’ve got don’t live up to my visual conception of the MCS Classic Golf Swing.

So the first point of order will be, of course, to take the Classic & Post Modern models for a test and evaluate the video.  If things are a go, I’ll get to building a new library of video for both models, either immediately or after a little more work on the mechanics.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone. I know mine just got that much better with the news!

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    1. D Watts Post author

      I did, Adam – just writing a quick post on it at the moment showing Phil’s very MCS-quality swing action 🙂

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