The Dunaway “Post-Modern” Model – Putting The Pieces Together

dunaway planes dtlThe work has continued on the MCS Post-Modern Golf Swing model during this never-ending local lockdown, which I’m now hearing will be extended from its previously extended date of May 21st to the beginning of June.

It’s possible I won’t be able to actually test-drive this model until July if things continue, but I’m making the best of the down time with the work on this model.

I’ve now begun to put together the different pieces of the swing, having established the setup position.

For a while, it was working on the initial pivot move, then I went from there to the top, progressing of course to the down move to start the down swing, the impact phase & lastly the follow-through.


I believe I’ve now got the setup down so that I can make a smooth & proper back pivot to the top & then just shift & step into the down swing.

What’s amazing it how simple it all feels after I established the mechanics of the leg & hip action on the back pivot.

The shift & post are almost unconscious, the down swing through the bottom extremely powerful (I’ve got a sore right shoulder in the rotator cuff area due to the kinetic energy of the swing stick as it goes down, through & around to the finish).

md swing

Right now, it’s going to be more fundamentals work (just as shooting free throws in a game are second nature after spending hours in the gym drilling, I feel that working on & repeating the basics of setup & swing are the secret to doing it properly on the range & course) and now as much speed work as my body will take.

With an eye on the calendar & hoping the next few weeks pass quickly!

4 thoughts on “The Dunaway “Post-Modern” Model – Putting The Pieces Together

  1. Jeff

    I am most interested in what you decide on the proper way to do the downswing. Austin was step and throw – and Steve Pratt is in the same camp today. But Dunaway talked about shifting 4pm to 10pm which Pratt claims is 100% wrong and a swing killer in the Austin model. Shauger seemed to emphasize the driving of the trail knee and getting it next to the lead knee.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Jeff, hope you’ve been well! 😁

      I’ll try to be my diplomatic best here & state that it’s Dunaway’s model I’m breaking down & re-assembling.

      In that regard, Dunaway’s action differs in parts from MA’s so there was a disagreement between the two on the parts that differed.

      While studying the two swings & listening to what both said about it, I found value in both – however my own swing action & setup are entirely Dunaway if I look closely at what I’m doing.

      That said, MA had a higher leading heel lift while MD’s was minimal to nonexistent, which can certainly account for the difference in the “feel” of the transition.

      As for Shauger, I wasn’t aware of his having said that as I never studied his method – however I myself have been working on a feel of “hitting the ball with the trailing knee,” which would also support what he said about that.

      In the end, motion is motion.

      I would be so bold as to suggest that you could be performing all 3 actions but “feel” one more strongly than the other two!

      To be continued 😉

  2. Jeff

    I’ve been well DJ. Great to have you back. So basically, “feel isn’t real” 🙂 I agree that all three men are basically describing the same movement, but focusing on different “methods” of triggering the action. I’ve tried to use all three and can make them all “work” – and each helps me accomplish a particular thing better, but leave other things lacking. For example, Shauger knee action seems to promote continuing through the shot by focusing on driving that knee forward (I have a tendency to stop turning as I get into the hitting zone), but also really causes me to drop the club way to far behind me. Flaws in my overall technique, to be sure, but fun to mess around with different things (part of my problem – I tinker and tinker and tinker).

    Take care and be safe.

    1. D Watts Post author


      Right now my only thoughts when doing the speed work as far as transition are the shift of pressure to the leading foot & slinging down with the right hand.

      The knee-to-ball is a thought I work on while making sure of my setup, so there are actually different thoughts or visuals you can use for different purposes!

      I’ll have a whole bag of visuals I’ve used in everything from getting over the to post-impact, I’m sure, when all is done.

      Should be an interesting season, if and when it ever gets going here!

      Be safe yourself! 😊

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