The “Pressure Plate” Action Powers The Classic Swing

dj finish rev diagI don’t know if I ever shared these swings from June 19th, 2019, but the reverse diagonal view of the driver swing using the MCS Classic Golf Swing model shows very vividly the “Pressure Plate” concept of the pivot actions.

You don’t need muscle & gym training to swing a golf club with speed, this you know from me, who hasn’t seen the inside of a gym since ’02 (and it shows, I know).

What powers the Classic Golf Swing action is the action of the hips & legs in the motion I demonstrated in “E = MCS” with the “Pressure Plate” drills.

Believe me, if you’re not drilling this in your spare time & you’re struggling with the weight shift & keeping the head stable while swinging, then I’m here to tell you that these two things are connected.

I never work on my swing (the Classic Model) without focusing on the pivot action & the pressure changes in the feet.

It’s really like dancing.

This is the secret of how you can literally swing out of your shoes & still have a nice, balanced finish – it’s all in the setup, then the pivot.

dj finish rev diag

2 thoughts on “The “Pressure Plate” Action Powers The Classic Swing

  1. Mr. McJohn

    When you say “powered by the hips and legs” do you mean that you consciously use them to power the backswing, or do your hands and shoulders just pull the hips around?

    1. D Watts Post author

      MMJ – This is what separates the horrific modern swing from classic. You swing & pivot the body as a whole, using the hips & legs to do so, rather than trying to swing with the arms or by twisting the lower back.

      At the end of the day, the shoulder turn drives the swing, but the hips & legs power the shoulder turn. That’s how you swing a baseball or cricket bat AND a golf club.

      At one time in history, all 3 swings were powered by the hips & legs. Now the modern golf swing stands apart.

      It’s the clue to tell you that something went off the rails with the golf swing in the late 80s to early 90s.

      Remember Jack Nicklaus tore the modern swing to shreds in the 70s.

      And he still has more majors than Tiger, the epitome of the modern swing.

      And Jack fished while Tiger pounded it out on the range.

      All you need to know!!

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