Flashback – DJ’s Setup & Swing 2015 vs 2019

dj drv addr 2015 - 2019It’s interesting to go back to see what was going on with the MCS Classic Golf Swing model over the years.

I found a driver swing from June 2015 that shows the changes I’ve made to the model & my own swing from 2015, when I produced the “Kinesiology Of The MCS Golf Swing” video, to the current model laid out in 2017’s “E = MCS.”

Below, you see the two setup:

dj drv addr 2015 - 2019

… with the differences in the actual theoretical model being:

  • narrower stance in the later model,
  • angled stance vs square to the target line,
  • ball position based on a change from setting the ball up opposite the leading heel to where is would be based on my body’s requirement with a square stance, now opposite the instep, roughly.

The ball position change allowed me to not have to turn so quickly to square up the club face and having a negative attack angle to now a very positive attack angle, up to 6 degrees when I want it.

You’ll also notice the much stronger grip with the lower hand in ’15, not as strong in ’19, and now when you see the next video of my swing this season, you’ll see a proper neutral grip.

DJ Driver Swing 2015

dj drv 2015

Funny enough, I was a power-fader in ’15 and with the weaker grip in ’19, I was a baby-draw in my natural swing.  These things came not so much from a model change but from my getting closer to the theoretical model with regards to my plane at the top of the back swing.

DJ Driver Swing August 2019

dj drive aug 23 '19

Now, an interesting point would be to note that, even with the differences in the setup & action (I’m staying taller in ’19 versus a slight squatting in the back pivot in ’15), I was still clobbering the ball with both swings because the most important part of the swing itself is at impact:

dj drv imp 2015 - 2019

You don’t hit 500-600 balls per session for years without learning & knowing what the optimal impact position is, plus you’ll see the same thing in all of the great Classic era swingers, more or less:

Hogan – Nicklaus Impact


So, nearly identical impact positions.

What would have changed in my impact (club path, attack angle) aren’t visible but what you can see is a nearly identical body position in the optimal impact – weight into the leading foot, releasing from the trailing foot and the spine leaning away from the target.

This is another thing to illustrate the importance of the setup – whatever the setup, you want to be in the above position for driver impact, so the better the setup, the less compensating you have to do during the actual swing to arrive there.

Setup, setup, setup.  That’s the model, because from the optimal setup, which I believe I’ve now nailed with my swing work, the motion becomes ridiculously simple for the infamously “complicated” golf swing.

To repeat the “E = MCS” phrasing, it’s “One Major Move” for the back swing with the weight shift powered by the hips & legs, then stepping into the down swing and throwing the club down & through around to the finish.

I’m looking forward to the next few weeks passing quickly because I’m eager to compare my 2021 MCS Classic Golf Swing action to the two swings above!