My MCS Golf Swing – Not. Even. Close. (And Video)

dj setup dtl driverI am putting up some swings I’ve never shared, from my last day hitting balls in October 2019 when my MCS Classic Golf Swing action was probably the closest to the optimal model I’ve come.

The swing video is just for interest’s sake, as many of you reading this will have been watching my swing in the “E = MCS” video & the other two in the series.

The video shows that I’m in the neighborhood at the end of ’19 but according to what I want to see, there are at least 3-4 areas for improvement which makes it not even close in my view.

DJ Swings – October 2019

The meat of the posting, which has nothing to do with the actual video, begins below:

Not. Even. Close.

Part of the reason I’m so excited about the work I’ve been doing on the swing is that I haven’t come close to the optimal model of the MCS Classic Golf Swing action.

This was actually the source of my wishing to remove the current MCS Golf Swing videos from sale – the content of the videos are absolutely correct, the model is absolutely correct – but my own execution of said model has given me ever increasing heartburn watching them, because I know in my mind’s eye how it should be performed.

That of course is probably just a sad inevitability. The more I focused on optimizing the model & presenting/explaining it to others, the further behind my own swing fell in the execution.

In this regard, the 18 months of so I’ve been on hiatus (I’ve written some blog posts sporadically of course in this time, but the blog essentially went on break at the end of the 2019 outdoor season), I’ve been able to simply focus on my own setup & swing action without the interruption of having to shoot it on video to demonstrate the model.

There’s a silver lining to every cloud and for me, the silver lining to the Covid-19 pandemic has been (1st and foremost) that my family & friends have all escaped becoming infected and (very secondarily but most important for the blog), I’ve had all this time to forget about hitting balls for video and just focus on the model for my benefit.

dj setup dtl driver

Just as you can work on your golf swing or play golf but you can’t do both simultaneously, I have discovered that one can build golf swing models and work on one’s own swing – but it’s impossible to do both at the same time.

It is actually easier to guide someone into the proper setup & swing execution than to work on one’s own swing for this important reason – with someone guiding you, you get instant feedback & can actually feel where you’re supposed to be at address, or at the top, or at impact.

When you’re doing it yourself, you’re forced to rely on ball flight, contact & reviewing the action on video.  So, you never actually “feel” the correct position until you’ve gone over it so many hundreds and thousands of times and know by looking at the video that the feel & the real are the same.

Had I, say, someone who knew the model inside-out as I have come to know it, to stand in front of me or behind me and watch me setup & swing, that person could immediately say, “Uh, DJ – weight’s a little too centered” or “ahem, you’re not erect enough, a little too much over the ball,” and so on.

Lacking that, it’s setting up the camera, hitting some balls and then reviewing the swings – no instant feedback, no “feel” of the optimal position while in it… and so on.

So that’s my only regret with this process – I’ve had to try to adapt my own swing to the model without a pair of eyes to let me know when I was in perfect position and thus know the feel right away.  And that has greatly slowed down my own swing evolution.

That said, if you remember one crucial thing when watching the current videos, it’s that the model I explain is absolutely spot-on.  My own swing is as close as I was at the time to trying to replicate that model, it’s not the actual model, which is theoretical and optimal only in the theory.

Anything in my swing that strays from the optimal is my own idiosyncrasies moving me away from that, whether it’s my failure to properly work on my grip to make it truly neutral (which I accomplished last summer, again having the time to focus on it) or my too-steep swing plane, a holdover from when I would hoist my hands high John Daly-style, and on and on.

Slowly but surely, I’ve been removing those idiosyncrasies and I’m very excited about how my swing will look model-wise when I get back to it.

Should one get their swing to the point of being even very close to the theoretical model rather than nailing it, one will find their ball-striking to be on a level one has never experienced before.


2 thoughts on “My MCS Golf Swing – Not. Even. Close. (And Video)

  1. peterallenby2013

    What a gift! Thanks for this DJ – A fabulous compilation of your swing providing a great mental image. As for see versus feel, this camera system might help:

    Live View Camera allows you to look at your swing motion via an iPad or your phone while on the range. Set up the screen near your ball so that you are looking at the ball and screen while swinging! Your thoughts on this product…

    1. D Watts Post author

      Cheers PA! I took a look at that app, don’t think I’ll being using anything like that as I’ve gotten a very good feel for my setup (which is the most important aspect of the swing, as I keep pounding on it), having had nothing else to do but work on it for the last 18 months.

      The good news is that it shouldn’t take anyone else nearly close to that time following the principles I’ve provided in the videos.

      Even better – if I’ve nailed my model, the manner in which I did so will provide even simpler & basic explanations & steps on both the setup & back swing pivot moves.

      If I’m doubly blessed, it’ll be that way for both models!

      A few more weeks at most, I hope – then back to the range & course to see what I’ve got done.

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