Bad News – Golf Facilities Ordered Closed Immediately

cropped-logo2.jpgI was looking forward to getting back out to the range next week to both test-drive my Mike Dunaway-inspired “Post-Modern Swing” model mechanics as well as investigate the possible exact same-ness of the MCS Classic & Post Modern Golf Swing models with the exception of the pivot action.

That will all have to wait as we’re now under a stricter Stay At Home order which has extended to immediate closure of golf facilities, possibly until late May.

I am looking at ways to mitigate this set of bad news with something to keep the ball rolling on the new season.

First off – I’m expecting a golf book to review.  I’ve been in email correspondence with a gentleman who’s published several golf related books & he kindly offered me his latest publication as a gesture of appreciation for the work I’ve done on the golf swing over the years.

I haven’t asked him if I can mention him on the blog so I’ll not identify him until I’ve inquired, but the book should be here sometime next week & I’ll certainly have the time to give it a good read.

As for the blog, there is the possibility of a podcast, either audio or video, and other things I’m investigating.

Meanwhile, it turns out that I did the right thing in re-releasing the MCS Classic Golf Swing videos (thanks to everyone who has purchased a download, the support is appreciated!), seeing there isn’t the remote possibility of a new video based on that model until June or July at the earliest, and probably beyond if looking at it logically.

My priority this season was going to be on the Post-Modern Swing model, so I likely wouldn’t have got around to producing a new video on the MCS Classic Golf Swing until after I finished with the former.

I’ll take the weekend to absorb the new reality of what’s happened to us here, then hopefully next week will bring something to make use of the unexpected extension of the winter layoff.

Got a bunch of lemons here, let’s make some lemonade!

More to come.