7i & 4i Down The Line (Been Awhile)

dj 4i top dtlThanks to everyone who has purchased a video download, your support of the site is much appreciated!

It’s been a while since I posted iron swings so I went back to 2019 (so strange to have to go back 2 years since I was on hiatus last year, but here we are), even though I’m pretty sure the action will be visibly different this season.

Reason being, you don’t work on your swing for two years without showing a marked difference, such as my takeaway & down swing planes.

Due to the work I’ve been doing on the Post-Modern Swing, my takeaway when I next record it should be less inside (I don’t like to say up the line because nothing goes back exactly “up the line” without manipulation), the top position tighter to the body and the downswing likely much tighter coming down.

That said, this is as good as I have for the minute, 7 iron & a 4 iron swing shown down the line:

For those of you still getting into the MCS Classic Golf Swing, take note of the similar way I set up to the ball to “measure” myself into the address position.

Also, the similarity of the stances with the different clubs, as I’ve mentioned in the “E = MCS” video, and you’ll find this is the same from Driver all the way to wedge.

The only changes to the stance are in elevation due to the different lengths of the shafts, and of course stance width, which you won’t see on this angle.

Here’s a pic sequence of the 4 iron address, top position & impact:

dj 4i dtl

Compare my setup stance to the greats of the Classic Era:


The stance is not an arbitrary thing – for an optimal swing action, you want the optimal setup, and don’t look now but Mike Dunaway with a different model still had the same type of setup:

sam-snead-mike dunaway addr

So, this is the bad-tasting medicine – if you’re used to leaning way over the ball, or to squatting over it with a super-wide stance, you’re going to have to make the adjustment.

If it feels awful, that’s because you’re used to something different. That is the only reason, because if you really practice & drill everything in the swing from grip to stance in the setup, it will begin to feel natural after a time.

Don’t make the mistake of hitting a few bad shots and saying “Nope, feels better this other way.”

That will be a big mistake!

More to come.