How Fast Is Your Club Speed? Where Does It Place You Age-Wise?

Swing-Speed-by-AgeI found an interesting little article from Plugged In Golf about club speed comparisons by age & gender.

I was surprised by my own placing in the category – perhaps it’s because I’m always comparing my swing speeds to the fastest swingers in pro golf & used to follow the long drive game until it became a little much hype-wise.

It’s not the biggest sample size (1,500), but I imagine better than nothing if you want to see where you are.

Here is the graph they provide on speeds broken down into percentile:


I was pleased to see that at age 48, when I was around 117-118 mph club speed, that figure would have put me into the 99th percentile, & the same if I’m around there at age 51.

You can also see the steep drop-off in speeds going from 30-39 (128.5 mph is in the 99th percentile) to the 40-49 age for males (114.5 mph).

That also solves a mystery for me, because I was in the high 120’s to low 130’s for sure in my late 30’s when I really began to bomb it on the course, where I was scratching my head at the TXG Golf facility in ’18 with the 117/118 mph range.

Factor in that I wasn’t hitting balls nearly as much as my nearly-every-day routine back then, in addition to being 9-10 years older, there was bound to be a drop-off, as much as it stung my pride.

Humbling, but Father Time is undefeated, isn’t he?

If you’re looking at the graph and are depressed/dissatisfied, then I have good news for you – my second summer playing golf, I can remember being wowed & excited the first time I hit a 250 yard drive.  Two years later, I hit a drive of 330 yards and later that summer drove through a 325 yard par 4 hole with a 3 metal.

So, unless you’ve absolutely maxed out your speed & power (very unlikely, as I don’t even feel I myself have reached mine due to my improvement in technique over the past 12 months while working on the Post-Modern model), then you’ve room to improve & increase!

Hint: You’ll find faster & longer-lasting results in the technical area than you will the gym & weight room.

2 thoughts on “How Fast Is Your Club Speed? Where Does It Place You Age-Wise?

  1. Jeff

    DJ, it is great to see you back and posting. Question for you, and apologies if you have talked about this in the past, but what it your approach for refining your technique and getting optimal results? While I am striking the ball well with better accuracy, and distance is good at age 53, but I know there is still more in the tank and not sure if I am approaching my practice correctly. Do you practice the entire swing sequence as a complete motion and adjust, do you break down the individual components and practice those? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Jeff!

      Good to see you back 🙂

      I actually do everything you’ve mentioned. I of course always make full swings when practicing, but when I’m working on a part which I wish to improve, I’ll segment it into smaller parts.

      – start of the back swing pivot,
      – pivot from address to the top,
      – downswing to the “9 O’clock” or halfway down position
      – downswing from top to impact
      – full swing

      I’ll do any one of the above, but always full swings to ingrain the feel of whatever I’m working on.

      Feels good to be back, I’ll still be working on the site in the background but regular posting has resumed! 🙂

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