MCS Classic Swing Recap Video Coming (Updated)

emcs videoUpdate: After feedback, I have decided to simply re-release the original MCS Classic Golf Swing videos with a hefty discount. Thanks to everyone for the feedback! /update

This is something I considered doing all winter.

I’m currently working on a recap video on the MCS Classic Golf Swing model based on the “E = MCS” swing video as well as other videos that followed.

Being focused on the MCS Post-Modern Swing video based on the mechanics used by Modern Long Drive pioneer Mike Dunaway, I don’t want people who’ve been inquiring about videos dealing with the Classic model to wait until I’ve finished with the aforementioned.

There won’t be any new material included in this (aside from my adding new commentary/explanations to the concepts therein), so anyone who has already downloaded the EMCS videos can skip this, unless wishing to get the most relevant material from the 3 videos condensed into one single video.

“E = MCS” Golf Swing Video Trailer

I am currently going through the videos & marking out the points most relevant to this model. 

As a short recap of the MCS Classic Golf Swing concepts, I have analyzed this model for years, dealing with the swings of all of the greats from Bobby Jones to Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Byron Nelson to Jack Nicklaus & have distilled a basic model that removes the idiosyncrasies of individual swingers.

The pivot action is based on what I’ve called Ben Hogan’s “Perfect Pivot” action, but all of the other concepts to the swing are shared by most if not all of the greats.

So, while there isn’t anything new, I’m also taking out parts that I find aren’t an issue upon which to focus, such as the low trailing heel impact for example.

“MCS – The Kinetic Chain” Video Trailer

The reason for that – simply, you have have a great Classic Golf Swing with varying degrees of trailing heel lift & spending one’s life trying to get it lower really isn’t a useful pursuit.

I’m currently working on this with an eye to a release for download in the next 2-3 weeks (during April, so everyone can make full use of this video during the spring & summer until I can complete a brand new video on this model later in the year).

The video will be priced very reasonably, likely between USD $35-45, and it isn’t a streaming video – it will be a file download, so it will be yours to keep upon purchase & download.

Stay tuned for updates – if this interests you, feel free to provide an email in the below form, so that I can send you an email alert & link when the video is available.

Things should begin to pick up now with golf season beginning in my area & with the work I’ve been doing on the site behind the curtains.

That’s it for now!  See you all again soon.

DJ Watts

If interested in the coming recap video, please submit name & email below for notification when completed & available, with download link.

7 thoughts on “MCS Classic Swing Recap Video Coming (Updated)

  1. D Watts Post author

    I have also reactivated the comments feature which I disabled during the hiatus.

    Please keep in mind that the comments section has always been family-friendly as this has been a community focused on the golf swing & related issues. Let’s keep it civil, please!


  2. Mr. McJohn

    If I’m to understand the swing, how should I go about doing this? Such as why and how certain things work and others don’t…

    Because really if your video is to be understood, I’d like to know why I’m making one motion as opposed to another. Does that make sense?

    1. D Watts Post author

      A valid question, Mr. McJohn – except that question isn’t answered as much in any video as in the thousands of posts I’ve written over the years on mechanically-correct motion.

      I’ve spent those years & posts pointing out in some detail the differences between swinging in the manner the body is designed to move vs ways that are either not optimal or flat out hazardous to the body.

      There is a reason Jack Nicklaus won 18 majors and over 70 events with a swing he basically learned at age 10 & played a career without major injuries while spending more time fishing than practicing while Tiger Woods has yet to catch his majors total & has changed his swing a dozen times, with many knee & back surgeries for his pains, while practicing every daylight hour during his dominant years.

      That reason is, one swung with a mechanically correct model & the other didn’t, simple as that.
      I’ve also pointed out how the Classic era greats had many fundamental swing components in common while Modern swingers differ from them in ways that are hazardous to the body.

      My videos are manuals to building the mechanically-correct swing, so that’s what they deal with. Just as a manual on car repair tells you how to do it.

      If a car manual were to outline all the ways to try to repair a car, it would be a thousand pages long – all you need & want in a manual on anything is how, because you’re assuming the manual is correct, right?

      If one has to purchase my video, for example, in order to know WHY to swing in the proper manner, then I have either failed in my blogging or one hasn’t read the posts I’ve written on why doing differently is bad for your swing & physical well-being. I would expect that, before purchasing a video on the swing, one would already have the confidence that the manner prescribed is the way to do it.

      I have nothing to prove personally as I’m simply a researcher & model builder. The proof has been furnished by Nicklaus, Hogan, Nelson, Jones etc.

      All of that said, I do explain in the videos the differences between certain things such as why you don’t twist the lower back to produce a shoulder turn – everything else in the swing is how to properly create a shoulder turn using the hips & legs, which turn produce the maximum leverage, power & accuracy one can produce.

      Explaining the stance, grip, ball positions & swing mechanics takes me 10 minutes at most in an hour-length video – the rest of it is the WHY & some of it, why NOT other ways!
      I hope that helps 😊

  3. pjscrs

    Hi Mr Watts,

    I’m new to your site and love the way you present your information. I’ve been playing golf for 30 years, taken many lessons, read lots of articles and books, and no one has ever informed me about the critical importance of having a shoulder tilt away from the ball at impact (along with starting with lower body, that I knew). It explains lag, or lack of, by really delaying the arm release portion of the swing until they are waist height, No one who starts their swing from the top with their arms will ever get proper ball compression without the tilt. The tilt delays the club maximum speed until after the bottom of the swing. .GolfTECH claims 80% of club golfers and 50% of club pros lack adequate tilt at impact. All top pros have it, and yet no one even mentions it.

    Why has this key element be overlooked? And thanks to your for highlighting the importance of the tilt.

    Paul S

    P.S. Where is the links to your E=MCS videos?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Paul!

      Welcome to the WAX Golf community sir, and thanks for the kind words.

      The spine tilting away from the target at impact is as fundamental as any other principle you will find in the golf swing, but has been lost in the Modern Golf Swing madness.

      I’m not blaming the Stack & Tilt fad as the cause but I know many people misunderstood S&T principles (with which heartily disagree but that’s neither here nor there), along with other “models.”

      The truth is you can’t reinvent the wheel & so, any model that deviates from the solid athletic principles of the Classic Golf Swing is going to lead to problems such as the above.

      I used to grind my teeth watching Tiger Woods trying the S&T variation under Sean Foley as he was setting up with a vertical spine at address, leading to a lower back big crunch as he fell back over the ball to get that spine tilted away at impact.

      I even called his method of swinging the “back-breaker,” which is exactly what he did a bit later before leaving Foley.

      All I’ve been doing has been to try to get people back to basic & sound ATHLETIC principles swinging a golf club.

      You don’t have to be an athlete to swing a club, just as it isn’t required to play weekend baseball, but if you don’t follow athletic principles, you’re going to suffer performance-wise as well as risk injury.

      I have had several inquiries about the MCS videos even though I’ve been working on a recap video.

      Perhaps I should just swallow my perfectionism (I removed them because I was unhappy with the quality of my own swings therein as I’m constantly working to perfect my technique) and let everyone who wants them to have them!

      I will likely make a decision this weekend on the recap vs the originals.

      Enjoy the weekend!


      1. Pete C

        Hi DJ,
        I am anxiously awaiting the videos since last year when you took well deserved time off from the site. I suffer from perfectionism at times also. I would recommend making both the old and new videos available. It sounds like the information is still valid in the old videos. I find it helpful to see information from different timeframes and vantage-points. Seeing your evolution is very instructive in my opinion.

        1. D Watts Post author

          Hi Pete! I’ve actually been going through the 3 videos that I have removed & to be honest, there’s a lot of material there to whittle down to 1!

          I may just clip & pare a bit & swallow my pride. let them get back out there as it will be for a limited time.

          The positive aspect of doing this is it gets everyone at least the most recent method of swinging MCS, because if there are delays with a new video, everyone will be left with nothing for the spring and perhaps the summer.

          Working on it! 🙂

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