What My Swing Looked Looked Like Driving 330 Yards (2018)

My readers who were here during 2018 will remember the numbers I worked on compiling with some trips to TGX Golf lab to show how powerful a leveraged swing could be, even at the age of 48 (which I was at the time).

Back then, I presented some driving stats which showed how a positive attack angle, optimal launch angle & spin rate could get a lot more out of a swing than one without those metrics.

To wit:

Even without having to swing at 120 mph & over, I demonstrated as seen above that you can carry a drive over 300 yards & hit 330 yards (and over of course with the right conditions such as downhill landing areas, following wind & fast-cut fairways as the pros all enjoy).

Here is some video of the last day I hit balls on the range before going to TGX about a week later & producing the above drive.

Face On:

Down The Line:

This is what one can do with the pivot action I took from Ben Hogan while leaving his other idiosyncrasies out of the swing model. Of course, his posture & weight bias were similar to that other great players of the Classic era as I’ve shown before:

More Drive Numbers From TGX Lab:

Keeping in mind I’m a swing researcher & play & practice daily – I  had hit balls on the range perhaps twice in the 3 weeks prior to getting these numbers – I’m sure anyone with regular practice & play would well exceed these in terms of distance, ball speed & accuracy.

While I work on the Dunaway Project this spring, I’m also looking at re-shooting a video that explains & breaks down the MCS Classic Golf Swing model based on Ben Hogan’s “Perfect Pivot” action on which I spent my time between 2014-2019.

It’s actually going on 3 years since I last released a video & the reason I removed the Classic Golf Swing videos from the MCS library was simply because I felt they were out of date.

Nothing in the model theory has changed but I wouldn’t be happy with the videos I made from ’17-’18 from a quality standpoint, so for those new readers who’ve come to the site since I took those videos down, I am planning on shooting a (hopefully) final look at that Classic Golf Swing action.