Changes Coming – Site Re-Design

I don’t know exactly when it will get underway, however I will be conducting a site re-design over the next few weeks/months as I prepare to restart the blog for the upcoming season.

If you aren’t following the site, you may come here and find a “Coming Soon” notice with nothing else to see. That will simply be my having had to temporarily (for a few hours) work on the site and having had to take it offline to do so.

If you have followed the site, you’ll of course get notices as usual when I post new material, so this is just an FYI to people who happen to wander back once in a while to read old posts.

The site isn’t going anywhere, so if it’s offline for any amount of time, I’ll post the news when it’s back up.

There also won’t be any new material until the site re-design is completed. Doing it myself so it’ll be in fits and starts, bear with me!

I hope you’ve all had a great Holiday Season & New Year! See you all again.