Merry Christmas & Announcement

Wishing WAX Nation & new visitors a safe & Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Not exactly the year that anyone anticipated or wanted, but it’s nearly over and the future awaits us.

For those of you who’ve been re-reading the old material & inquiring about the blog – it will return to active status in 2021, although I don’t have a hard date set for resumption.

Here’s how things stand at the moment:

  • I’ve spent the past months going over the new MCS swing model based on the swing mechanics of Mike Dunaway with a mind on how to present the principles so they can be understood & replicated.
  • The model itself is very straightforward once you build the proper stance & make that first pivot move, but that’s easier said than done as I’ve spent a good deal of time working things out.
  • I’ve also devised a way to explain the proper swing plane, but the good news is that once you can understand & perform the plane drill, you’ll have built in the proper feel & won’t have to worry & obsess about it.
  • There will be a standard “playing golf” swing aspect to this model with a “long drive” component.

If any of this interests you, just follow the blog if you haven’t already, so you can receive notice when I resume posting.

Happy Holidays, stay safe, and I’ll see you some time on the other side of the New Year!