Thanks To Everyone – I’m Taking Time Off

After maintaining golf swing blogs since 2007, I’ve decided after much thought that I have nothing more to say at this time about the golf swing that would justify continuing.

As far as loose ends:

  • The MCS Golf Swing eBook – I have taken a good look at my MCS Golf Swing eBook 1st Editiion and can’t find anything to add to the model for a Final Edition.  All I would have done would have been to perhaps get better picture illustrations to my own swing but that doesn’t justify the work in revising and re-editing the 1st Edition. So, anyone who has the eBook & was expecting a Final Edition, I can assure you that the Final Edition may have looked a little better visually but would not have added to what I’ve written.  If there were anything, believe me that I’d provide it.
  • The MCS Golf Swing videos, while a wealth of content, are no longer available for download. I may one day get back to making videos & the MCS Classic Swing model featured in the videos would be essentially the same, but I’ve decided to remove these ones for purely perfectionist reasons – I’m no longer satisfied with the production quality. Nothing to do with the actual content. If I change my mind as I sometimes do, I’ll likely edit the 3 swing videos I’ve had available to make one master video on the swing.
  • The Mike Dunaway/Austin Project continues. I stopped posting updates on my work because I felt that I was not “going with the flow” & have decided to continue the work on my own time while I pursue other interests.  If and when I come to the point where I feel that my work could help others develop their golf swing along this model, I’ll reconsider at that time whether or not to share the fruits of this labor. ‘Til then, I’m continuing solo.

Thanks to any and all who’ve read my postings and commented on these blogs over the years, who’ve requested personal consultations and of course purchased my video downloads or memberships – it’s been a fabulous journey but one I feel has reached its destination for the time being.

I wish you all the best for the remaining 2020 and beyond. Stay safe and perhaps we’ll speak again.

Gratefully Yours,