The PGA Tour’s Real Power Merchant – Tony Finau

Note: This isn’t a posting attacking or bashing BDC, just a discussion on technique vs strength.

We’ve all been inundated with the exploits of a certain golfer who has been hitting 190+ mph ball speeds on the PGA Tour after going on a weight lifting & eating regime, making some swing changes (for the better) & of course, picking up an er… helpful driver…

I would prefer you to look at the Tour’s real & hidden power merchant, who goes around disguised as Tony Finau.

I actually posted about him a little more than a year ago while discussing his dialed-down swing which still produces admirable power.

Back then I wrote:

Yes, he’s a very tall player with long limbs (levers), but when you look at how ridiculously short his back swing is and how effortlessly he’s leveraging the club, you will realize that Finau could be monstrous-long, a good deal longer than he already is…

… He’s so big and strong that he’s at the top of the power charts with barely more than a half-swing.

That part in bold, he just proved on the weekend at

Yes, folks, you’re looking at a PGA Tour player hitting 206 mph ball speed and carrying it nearly 400 yards (which may be a little longer than usual, as he did this at Victory Ranch in Kamas, Utah, which has an elevation of 1,977m or roughly 6,500′) :

… with a swing that looks very mechanically-sound and something very interesting to the Mike Austin/Dunaway people.

Of interest, people are likely to point out, “Yes, DJ – but look at that planted leading heel, he’s going to kill himself, and didn’t Bryson Dechambeau hit around that ball speed earlier in his backyard?”

To that, I’d say, “Yes, planted left heel, and yes, BDC did it, but one golfer looks like he could use a burger or two and isn’t obsessing about hitting long drives, in fact he looks like he could go a good deal faster and longer if he decided to work for it, while the other looks like he ran away with the whole buffet table and isn’t going to be able to do what he does very long before a blown tire somewhere or a heart attack.”

In that earlier posting of mine on TF, I also wrote:

So, how does Tony Finau get even more out of that power-packed move?

Very simply, if he freed up the hips and allowed a bigger hip turn than the barely-turn he performs, with the very same swing, he gets the arms and club closer if not all the way to the parallel-shaft position, and the greater hip turn (and longer back swing) allows him a more aggressive weight shift into the leading foot, as well as building more leverage and momentum coming into the swing bottom.

Now, look at this pic of before and after Tony Finau:

There you have it – a very large hip turn, and the greater rotation allowed him to get that club even past parallel for that blast.

I’m not too worried about the planted leading heel because you can see that the hips are turned, so it’s not a lower back twisting action going on and the very tilted angle in the hips & and the knee separation show that TF is performing a rudimentary “shift & post” or compound pivot action into the right leg.

I would bet you BDC could out-lift TF right now now in the gym, but that just shows you the power of natural leverage in creating speed and power.  You simply can’t gain enough muscle to outperform natural leverage.

So one golfer is getting all the press jumping out of his shoes launching the ball, and is only able to do so because he’s using a driver that gives him the confidence to do so – otherwise, his misses would still be hooking or slicing somewhere in outer space, and the other one got the same speed and power by deciding to actually put a full swing on it instead of his half-swing that he uses to play tournament golf.

I’ll ask you the same question that I asked before with Mike Dunaway:

200+ MPH Ball Speed – Who Did It Better, BDC or Tony Finau?