Dunaway Model – Latest Developments

You’ve likely noticed, if you’re excited about the MCS Post-Modern/Dunaway Swing Model project that I didn’t post any video work from last week or this week.

That is because I’ve been looking closer at a part of the pivot (the start of the takeaway) in greater detail, as that’s been my particular sticking point to date.

Here are his swings from a few years ago from two angles:

Face On

Down The Line

Right now, I have figured out what I was failing to implement on that pivot move by looking very closely at his pivot from the the down the line gif. as seen below:

My issue has been the separation of the left arm from the chest and the high right arm and elbow at the top of the back swing.

After years upon years of swinging with a very high right elbow (Nicklaus did it and it was called his “flying elbow” so I don’t feel too bad about it), it is still something I do if I don’t force myself to pivot with a flatter angle.

By following Dunaway’s swing model however, if I do it the way he did it, I end up at the proper position at the top, without the flying elbow.

I’ve therefore been working on ingraining the new feel before heading back out to hit balls, because I believe that this is the last piece of the puzzle for myself, and when I get that part right, I’ll have it.

So, quietly working at the drawing board on my pivot move and I’ll hopefully have some good if not great news soon.

More to come!

13 thoughts on “Dunaway Model – Latest Developments

  1. peterallenby2013

    When I view Mike Dunaway’s swing in the late years 9more modern driver as seen in the GIFs in your post, it seems t me that this swing is less powerful than swings from earlier years (as seen in the Sybervision vids) Is this me misinterpreting effort for efficiency or perhaps his later swings were less powerful due to age and the effects of illness?

    Or am I delusional…(again)??!

    Hope you have a smashingly good weekend DJ!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Short answer PA is: I have no idea! 😂.

      It certainly does I’m sure have to do with MD being at 75% as he said, after a lengthy illness. He was also years older than the video swings we all know and love.

      Another factor is that his swing had to adjust for the longer shaft and flatter lie with the modern driver. Plus, all we have, while excellent, are the slo-mos that I was sent.

      The sender did say that even at 75%, the sound and flight were out of this world.

      With all of that, it could be some or all of what you and I have just discussed.

      Safe and Happy Independence Day to you my friend! 😀

  2. jh32

    Hey DJ, I noticed this from your last entry on your swing. I use the thought of the trombone effect he talked about in video with Mike A. When I was using MD’s swing model this past winter, ( hurt back picking up a tee in Feb., and was -1 thru 15) I can tell you that with the more tucked right arm if felt more like I was just picking up the club to the top and then I only had to let it go.

    I was getting much better distance and accuracy with far less effort than I am doing now. I have tried to find that swing again, but can’t quite seem to get it down. I am going back to working on this, so I am therefore looking for your analysis as you also work on getting this down for us. What I don’t have is the ability to film and break down my swing, but will try to get some so I can see where I am.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi JH – and this:

      I can tell you that with the more tucked right arm if felt more like I was just picking up the club to the top and then I only had to let it go.

      … is exactly the feel. Doesn’t feel like much of a back swing and more of just a little lift to the top after getting the pivot to halfway.

      I actually saw something from Ben Hogan on the weekend that gave me the flash of how to describe and drill the pivot start.

      I’ll see if that works for me, and if it does, it should work for everyone, because the Lord knows how many issues I’ve had to fix in my own swing over the years 😉

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Jana – Seeing as Mike Austin was Mike Dunaway’s mentor and said MD’s swing & club speed were unmatched, even by himself, I’ve been looking more closely at MD’s mechanics than MA’s. I have however looked at both of them in my effort to develop the model based on Dunaway. I hope that helps. 🙂

        1. D Watts Post author

          I don’t know of anyone who teaches Dunaway’s swing model anywhere, Jana.

          If you want Mike Austin teachers, I might visit any number of the purported teachers to inquire about Ohio.

  3. Adam Tarbaux

    Hey dj I’m curious on how did md got that low impact heel because I have noticed in your latest swing you dont have it and your swinging in a similar way same thing for me.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hey Adam – you’re correct, and while I have in the past had swings on video where the heel stayed down til impact or just prior, this is something that should just happen and not be manipulated or forced.

      When I did it, I looked at the video and said, “No, this isn’t a natural thing, I’m doing it with conscious effort and that’s not what you want.”

      When you would hear the analysts on TV saying anything about a low heel as if you can just go out tomorrow and swing that way, this is manipulated motion.

      When I swing get the Dunaway model nailed, I’m pretty sure, very sure actually that there will be that same nailed-down heel into impact, which signifies the tightest pivot motion you can create. Dunaway’s leverage was phenomenal and while he was as strong as a bull, you can create the same leverage with the same model.

      I’m working on it, very close, but that only counts with horseshoes, right? 😉

      Stay tuned!

  4. Adam Tarbaux

    Good point the heel should never be manipulated and it should just do its own thing high or low but a natural low heel has a lot of leverage. I’m just wondering how the heck he pulled it off. I’m thinking it has something to do with his stance width.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Yes and no on the stance- Moe Norman had the widest stance ever & had a flat trailing impact heel.

      With MD it’s the stance width AND the tightness of the pivot/downswing.

      I’m working on proving that. Stay tuned.

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