I’ll Stop Joking About Bryson DeChambeau – He’s Making Progress On Technique

I will admit to having had a few jokes and laughs at Bryson DeChambeau’s expense with all of the “Mad Scientist” stuff, but I am now actually interested in what he’s doing to some extent, because he’s progressed from when he went pro.

When Bryson turned pro, his swing model was one that I would not have called scientific in the least.

It was, aside from the same-length clubs, the same crap Modern Golf Swing model as any other with the planted-heel, lower-back twisting stuff.

He then went to a sort of stack and tilt kind of thing:

I kept waiting for the “Mad Scientist” to show up, and I will admit to being amused by the “Gain 50lbs & 50 Yards” way of going, but I can’t say if asked that he hasn’t made technical progress since I last took a serious look at him.

Now, I will say the swing itself is still pretty raw in technical terms, but he is now getting more hip turn without the reverse weight shift as in the above gif., and with that freer action and the lifting leading heel of the Classic Golf Swing, he’s absolutely swinging more in a mechanically-correct manner** than previously.

**Edit: doubou mentioned in the comments that BDC could get more hip turn and further reduce the risk of injury, a comment with which I agree.

Even the stance is definitely more set up now for power than before, as you can see in the comparison between his setup now & how I was setting up 7 years ago (spring ’13) when I myself was generating ball speeds upwards of 190 mph:

This was my swing action with the setup pictured above at age 43:

… and in this gif. below, I registered 187 mph in ball speed, with a slightly similar similar setup the year I turned 46:

So, the fact that Bryson has left the Modern Golf Swing school (hopefully for good) and is now swinging Classic Golf Swing mode, is alone reason to give him a big thumbs-up in the technical department.

It will definitely reduce his odds of injuring himself swinging at 200 mph ball speed, but I still would like to see him 1. Get more hip turn into that pivot, increasing his leverage without needing even more muscle & effort and 2. Clean up the post-impact part of that new swing.

All in all though, closer to “Mad Scientist” now that he was before, for sure.

11 thoughts on “I’ll Stop Joking About Bryson DeChambeau – He’s Making Progress On Technique

  1. Adam Tarbaux

    I think there is something to having the arms extended like that. That is the impact plane so its simpler then having two planes with a traditional arm set up and longer lever for more speed. I got to look into this myself.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I would say, if you’re going to swing in the Classic style, extended arms don’t hurt at all in the setup, Adam! 👍

  2. Doubou2014

    It does not look like Bryson is turning his hips sufficiently or using his hips to launch his swing. It appears to me that he will injure himself with any slight deviation from his swing pattern. I don’t know what he is eating, but I do not see how the weight gain is going to be healthy for him.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Good points doubou – while he is getting a hip turn, he could definitely use more to reduce injury risk even more (hence my comment that it’s much better but he may blow a tire swinging at those speeds).

      As for diet, we know that there’s no way to so quickly (less than a year) gain the weight he has, in muscle alone without PEDs (and I’m not suggesting for a second he is using them, just that the weight gain isn’t pure muscle), and looking at his waistline and face, there’s a great deal of non-muscular mass:

      Bryson and I are the same height (6’1″) and in that picture, at 43 years old, I was around 215-220 lbs. Contrast Bryson’s girth to mine, and you will see a good deal of what is termed in hockey circles “Molson Muscle.” 🙂

      1. Chief Cowpie

        He squats a little which may be some lingering vestiges of his modern golf swing or maybe with all he’s been eating, he is readying to poop bear style.

        1. D Watts Post author

          Your comment reminds me of BuddhaBob back around 2014 saying something similar about Keegan’s stance, Chief:

  3. Chief Cowpie

    The swing is a little fast in the tempo, IMO. I would suggest taking a bite out of a hot dog at the top and then proceeding onto the downswing.

  4. Adam Tarbaux

    Hey dj this more of a maintenance of the blog then anything else. The problem is I noticed that the blog no longer shows any of the downloadable content that are available before for me. Apart from that keep up the good work and I look for for the next post.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Adam – I had actually removed the download content while I am working on the new video. You’re not the first the inquire about it, I’ll see about putting the older videos back up if there is a demand for it 🙂

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