I’ll Repeat My Apology To Bryson DeChambeau – The Numbers Look Real

I wrote a blog post a few weeks back regarding my skepticism about Bryson DeChambeau’s purported ball speed numbers.

I’m now beginning to believe the hype, if you will, because if the following numbers from the trusted Foresight launch monitor are real, then he’s creating monster speed with his new, erm… physique.

I saw this tweet from Luke Kerr-Dineen on my timeline this morning:

If you can’t see the embedded Tweet, here is the picture with his words:

From Bryson’s range session today. 200 mph ball speed and 365 carry is impossibly good, but equally amazing is that 0.5 degree left number along the way 

You’ll remember when I scoffed at the reports of Rory McIlroy “carrying his 3 wood 365 yards” when his ball speed was in the 180 mph range – well, these numbers above are absolutely eye-popping for a non-long-drive competitor using a non-long-drive Driver.

So, I originally apologized for doubting Bryson’s numbers because I didn’t believe them, and I’ll now apologize to Bryson once more for doubting his numbers, because they’re looking pretty real according to Foresight.


Of course, there’s an easier way to do what he’s doing than to hang out at Chipotle all day eating everything in sight.

It’s by improving one’s technique, because swinging that fast, if it’s not close to flawless, Bryson is going to blow a tire sooner or later.

I’d say this technique, while powerful, could be problematic long-term:

But let’s see how he does with this.

For the time being, all I can say is, “Wow…”

4 thoughts on “I’ll Repeat My Apology To Bryson DeChambeau – The Numbers Look Real

  1. Adam Tarbaux

    He sets his arms similar to moe norman with the single plane swing. Is setting up with ulnar deviation in the wrist and arms extended instead of radial deviation and arms hanging naturally a good or bad thing to do in the golf swing.

  2. FAS

    It does prove that a bit of beef and weight through impact goes a long way to hitting snorters off the tee. Nicklaus has a big bum, as does Rahm and George Bayer to name a few.

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