Square Neutral Grip At Address + Position = Square Impact

I’ve mentioned how I got around to fixing one thing in my setup that was bothering me, which was an imperfect square neutral grip, and how it instantly tightened my dispersion the very first day out this season.

I’d like to show some visual proof that, when you get the square neutral grip working with a properly measured setup & ball position, you will come to expect square impact and a straight flight or baby draw (unless you’re trying to work the ball another way).

Just looking below at a swing in slow motion, you’ll see how there are no big compensating moves, no flying of the leading foot, or any big dip or jump during the down swing:

This is a product of being where you should be in the setup & with the ball position, and all that remains from the setup is making a proper pivot and down swing, with the only thing left to worry about being the club face at impact.

With a square neutral grip, you should be square at address and, with a good swing, return to a square impact:

What you’re trying to do is turn yourself into a human Iron Byron, where the work is nearly all completed in the setup and ball position.

I turned 50 during the winter break and that swing above is from the first day back at it after a 7.5 month layoff, and driving the ball up to and over 300 yards with range balls – don’t let age nor the fact you can’t hit balls every day hold you back, because it’s not an extraordinary thing!

You get your proper measurement in the setup, proper ball position, then just get over the ball and pull the trigger.

Doesn’t get any less complicated than that, does it?

More to come.