Almost Nailed It – One Thing To Change!

I have been looking at more video from yesterday and I was this close to nailing it.

There was one thing I missed on the back swing pivot – I didn’t go there to try to swing in pieces, I went there to just swing & see how much of the model I got right over the winter.

I’ll let everyone see if they can tell what it was I didn’t implement in the back swing takeaway, although only those who know the Austin/Dunaway model inside out to look at it might be able to guess.

Below is the representation of the three planes – shaft at address, leading arm at the top and shaft at impact:

The one thing, if I get it right and don’t change anything else, should have me there.  Of course, I knew before looking at the video that I didn’t do too badly just by how I was striking the ball.

I’ll look at the rest of my video and then post the best swings with slo mo, and if no one guesses my one boo-boo omission on the back swing, extra points!

More to come.

2 thoughts on “Almost Nailed It – One Thing To Change!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Far from perfect, Chief – but the closer one gets to it, the better one will swing! 😀

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