First Day Back With The Post-Modern (Dunaway) Swing

The golf facilities are open and it’s back to business with the Post-Modern Golf Swing model based on Mike Dunaway’s swing mechanics!

I hadn’t hit a ball in 7.5 months and I can tell you that the sore muscles are proof besides the visuals that I got the pivot action down more or less.

I noticed in the video that I still have a change to make in the back pivot to make it perfectly shift-and-post, but my right hamstring and glutes are sore today, indicating that I shifting into the right post.

The back muscles that are sore are the left latissimus dorsi, also indicating a strong leverage created by shifting into the left post on the down swing.

Here are a couple of clips below:

DJ Driver Down The Line – TaylorMade Rocketballz 2 – 8 Degrees

Overall, I was very pleased with the power and distance in my drives. I was bombing the ball, first day back or not, and when a gentleman I’d never met stopped to chat with me, he asked me after a few if I could drive it even longer.

That’s the Dunaway power, because without my biggest efforts, I was sending the ball to the back mounds bordering the 7th hold on the executive course – I told him I could certainly ramp it up and proceeded to bounce two drives off the mounds and onto the 7th fairway – probably at least 30 more yards carry!

As you can see above, I’m fairly flat-footed with the leading foot, very little to zero heel lift, which with the degree of hip turn I created, would be impossible to perform without the proper shift-and-tilt move of the compound pivot.

I’ll explain what I wasn’t happy about and how I changed it, when I’ve done so.

I’ll get some slo mo gifs up when I have a moment, so everyone who likes the slo mo can have a gander.

More to come!

4 thoughts on “First Day Back With The Post-Modern (Dunaway) Swing

  1. FAS

    Welcome back DJ. I like the right knee action through the ball. Kiss knees I think they call it. I find that if I am lazy with legwork and don’t kiss knees , the result is a pull left (the arms have won the race down) …..I deserve all I get when that happens.

    1. D Watts Post author

      That’s correct, FAS – the “kissing knees” is a visual indicator that one has driven the hips & legs through the entire down swing for maximum leverage. Get that going & good things happen.

      Don’t do it, as you say, you “deserve what you get!” 😂

  2. Mr. McJohn

    Hey DJ. Weird question:

    I work the ball both ways. Is it easier in higher winds to hold the ball against it or ride the wind for distance? I’ve heard you actually lose yardage counter-acting the breeze, but I’m not sure. Thoughts?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi MMJ – hitting into or with the wind are completely different worlds. I would always prefer to ride the wind off the tee. On approaches however I prefer into, as you can hit a lower trajectory with more club, reducing the spin to avoid ballooning.

      With enough practice, into the wind shots can be very accurate. With the wind, very tough to control distance and release. I hope that helps with your question 😊

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