Just About Ready To Tee Off In These Parts!

Good news, WAX Nation citizens who’ve been waiting for the Post-Modern Swing model (aka the Dunaway-model MCS model) – the golf courses and ranges opened up last weekend!

I didn’t venture anywhere near due to the frenzy that ensued – I got a call during the week that the facility where I hit balls was packed full with a lineup at the clubhouse door… no thanks, I’ll wait.

There is no way I’m going there on a weekend right now either, so perhaps next week.  The long-term forecast hasn’t been very promising for next week (rain, of course), so I’m hoping to be out by the end of the month at the very latest.

It shouldn’t take me very long to determine whether I’ve nailed the mechanics on Dunaway’s swing model (it’s all in the stance and pivot, but you’ve heard that before, haven’t you?).

Once I have, or once I’ve made the necessary tweaks to get it there, we can really start talking about how to swing like Mike Dunaway from beginning to finish, and I’m very excited about that!

I said last year that I was confident anyone could learn this swing model even though it’s a little different from what the regular Classic and Modern Golf Swing models do.

However, I not only believe one can learn it, I’m pretty close to 100% sure you can also swing this way from the MCS right-biased address position to keep the heady steady from address to impact.

As you can see above, Duanway’s head is over his right side with a big right spine tilt in his setup and forward press demo… and I’ve found my swing motion is much better with his model from the right-biased address with regards to the pivot, transition and down-swing.

I’ve taken my Dunaway or Post-Modern model apart many times and examined every facet…

… All that remains is to put club to ball and see if the practice matches the theory.

Won’t be long now, my friends!!

Now… Who’s Excited?

2 thoughts on “Just About Ready To Tee Off In These Parts!

  1. Chief Cowpie

    No need for a forward press when you start in forward press position. But Mathew Wolff wouldn’t be getting so much attention if he eliminated his herky jerky forward press.

    1. D Watts Post author

      No need for a forward press when you start in forward press position…

      That is correct, Chief. The main flaw I see in the press move is when the swinger is already in the proper swing start setup & then presses the hands forward out of position, de-lofting the club.

      However, pressing into the start position rather than starting from there statically helps some to trigger that back swing.

      While working out the Dunaway pivot, I found that the press really helped. Now that I’ve developed that pivot move & ingrained the feel of the motion in the hips & legs, I no longer do it.

      FYI to anyone interested- when in the right-biased setup, I have found that the utility of the press is nil. When not completely right-biased, I found myself needing the press move to trigger the pivot.

      So, another reason to right-bias other than keeping the head stable from start to impact.

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