My Apologies For Doubting Bryson DeChambeau’s 203 Ball Speed Mark

There are things I run across in the world of sports and hype that just defy belief.

Anyone with a scintilla of experience or knowledge would have to beg to see concrete proof of certain claims.

For example, the whole kerfuffle a couple of years back when Tiger Woods was supposed to have registered 129 mph in club speed but his distance on that drive was the same as his regular speed was producing.

Anyone who knew anything about club speed and distance knew instantly that it was an “off” reading.

Now I’m being asked to believe that Bryson DeChambeau registered a ball speed of 203 mph with his special Cobra driver (anyone smell a marketing scam here?), which is… doubtful, to be charitable:

Even with professional golf on hold, Bryson DeChambeau and his equipment sponsor Cobra Golf managed to make headlines from the comfortable confines of the five-time PGA Tour winner’s backyard.

Partnering together for the “Speed Zone” challenge, DeChambeau attempted to pull off any shot viewers on his Twitch stream requested — including his best John Daly impression — all in the name of raising money for charity.

At one point during the event, DeChambeau chose to ramp up the speed with his driver, eventually touching 203 mph of ball speed — a number that’s only found at the World Long Drive Championship.

Yeah… no.  I don’t buy that, and here’s why:

To produce a 203 mph ball speed with a legal club, you would have to produce at the very least, with a perfect SMASH rating of 1.50, a club speed of 135 mph, which is World Long Drive Finals type speed:

That’s at a minimum, with a perfect SMASH – now tell me if you think a guy hitting balls for giggles on a monitor swinging “like John Daly” is going to contact the ball perfectly on the sweet spot – not very likely.

I mean, the man is hitting 60% fairways with a regular swing on Tour… how perfectly is he going to hit it swinging at 135 mph?

So, with even a pretty good not-perfect SMASH of 1.45 you’re going to need 140 mph in club speed.

These aren’t my personal made-up numbers, as well know that the maximum SMASH you can legally generate with a conforming driver is 1.5 (on a perfect strike with optimal conditions, you will produce 1.5x the club speed in ball speed).

Now, everyone likes to hit it long – but long drivers train all year round for the express purpose of doing exactly that, and as a top of the world group of finalists, can only muster an average of 135 mph in club speed.

That’s the finalists, the cream of the crop of long drivers the world round.

And DeChambeau just uncorks 140 mph with a “John Daly” swing?

thinking emoji

But Oh look – I just went looking for another article on this feat, and found this one, where the exact numbers I had just discussed were mentioned:

A large part of Bryson’s stream was a fascinating first-hand look at one of his speed training sessions. For almost an hour straight Bryson cranked-up the speed, eventually reaching an incredible 203 mph of ball speed, with his clubhead speed touching 140.

Again, we’re being asked to believe that a PGA Tour player not known for distance lifted weights for a couple of months and just out-blasted the average club speed of world long drive finalists.

So yeah, with apologies, going to need a little more proof of this before buying it.

I’ll ask WAX Nation what the odds are that Mr. DeChambeau actually got 203 mph on a driven ball, considering what club speed he’d have to create to do it.

8 thoughts on “My Apologies For Doubting Bryson DeChambeau’s 203 Ball Speed Mark

  1. D.L. Moriarty

    If I were to see anyone doing it, it’s tough to believe. Tony Finau was doing this recently and I could see him making that milestone. He pummels a driver.
    I would really like to be present for this stuff, because it’s just hard to believe otherwise.

    1. D Watts Post author

      It sure is, DL. Aside from Finau and of course Cameron Champ, I’m not sure of anyone else on Tour who could come close to those kinds of numbers. Especially while just fooling around. It’s an insult to how much work Long Drivers put into their craft.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I believe Jason Zuback hit 144 mph with a 45” driver. So, I’m finding all of this to be BS of the highest order.

      I don’t know when it was exactly when pro golf descended into pro wrestling type hype, but I’m ready for a return to sanity.

  2. Long Drive Fan

    He is absolutely swinging out of his shoes in the live feed. Having seen Joe Miller posting his Flightscope numbers on social media for the last few years leading up to each World Long Drive Champs (to put the fear into other players? LOL) and seeing clubhead speed numbers upwards of 155mph and yet when it comes to Worlds and Trackman data is shown and he hasn’t topped 150mph, I’ll wait for Bryson to hit with Trackman or GC Quad and post the same numbers. He is a multi-millionaire and loves to hype the ”Golf Scientist” image so why doesn’t he have a Trackman when he does these long drive swing stints? hmmmm

    1. D Watts Post author

      Very good question LDF 🤔 Although you & I both can hazard a guess as to why not? 😉

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