The Three Pivots Of Classic & Post Modern

I hope everyone had a safe and sound weekend in WAX Nation – I was working on my pivot today & thought I’d share my observations on there being actually 3 pivots for the Classic & Post-Modern Golf Swing models.

The first, as we have been looking at it for years, is obviously the pure rotational Classic Golf Swing pivot, where you turn the torso and shoulders using the hip & leg action.

It looks and works best using the action that Ben Hogan perfected out of the Classic motion that has been around since Bobby Jones’ day.

Hogan Pivot

From there, once you start to move from that action to the “shift-and-post” or “Compound Pivot” of the Post-Modern Golf Swing, you can build a type of hybrid pivot action where the hips do shift, and then once the post is created, they turn behind one as with the Classic model.

This was the gist of my intended video for the winter season, taking the Classic action and implementing some of the stance and pivot principles of Mike Dunaway’s swing, where you aren’t purely using either but more of a blend of the two.

The third, you guessed it, is the pure “shift-and-post” action where the hips shift fully over the trailing leg to provide the most solid post possible, and that of course will be what is in the MCS Post-Modern or “Dunaway” swing model:

When you get that pure shift-and-post action going, it’s a very simple move with the hips & legs that, as Mike Austin demonstrated, is as simple as walking steps:

It’s been over five months since I last smacked a ball and while I had my hands full over the winter keeping me too busy to properly manage the blog, I never stopped thinking about it and I’m itching to get back out there.

I hope I don’t go 9+ months as I did last year – I was busy with the MCS – Kinetic Chain video in the summer of ’18 and didn’t get any swinging or playing after the end of July and, with a rib injury sustained during the winter break (non-golf-related), I wasn’t able to get back out swinging again ’til May last spring.

So, I’m working on the things I can work on from the home office and making some progress, however I just want to get out there and launch some balls, Dunaway-style.

Wishing everyone a safe and uneventful lock-down for those of you who are, and anyone out there getting to play some golf, I envy you right now!

Back with more.


2 thoughts on “The Three Pivots Of Classic & Post Modern

  1. Mr. McJohn

    So the hips and legs actually drive the backswing pivot? Not just letting the hips turn as you take the club back, the hips being reactive to the club and shoulder turn?

    1. D Watts Post author

      There’s actually no way to “let the hips turn,” MMJ. You’re supported by your legs so the only way for the hips to turn is for the legs to work.

      The only difference between the two actions is in how the hip turn occurs (in place or with a shift over the trailing foot). But there is no way for the hips to turn with out the legs doing it.

      When you throw a ball, you feel as though the the arm is doing all the work – but stand and either throw or pretend-throw a ball with a motion that has the shoulders turning. Then make the same motion without actually moving the arm, and you’ll see most of the action is occurring in the hips and legs.

      I have some things I’m working on to train the hips and legs for a shift and post pivot that involve the leading arm – it feels like it’s the arm driving the pivot but it’s because the hips and legs are reacting unconsciously while you’re focused on the arm. Once you’ve trained that action, then the hips and legs will make the proper motion automatically!


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