Struggling To Find Words… Perhaps Tomorrow

My apologies, WAX Nation – I keep sitting down at the computer to write golf swing-related things and before I can begin, I get back up and go check the news.

My immediate family is doing just fine, with the only angst among the kids being will they finish their school year (I’d say right now, yes, but not in the manner they expected as they have been given online work to complete and hopefully move on to the next grade when school resumes), and trying to assuage the boredom that sets in when every day is like the previous and likely going to be the same the next.

My wife’s cousin has been confirmed as having Covid-19, but as far as I know, her symptoms are very mild and she was only tested because she works out of a hospital as a speech pathologist.

Because my blog has been internationally read and commented upon, there isn’t a spot around the globe where things are horrific where I don’t have readers hopefully riding out the storm.

Some places are better than others, and some are far worse.  As we all know.

So, I’ll try again tomorrow – in normal times, I’d be having my first range session of the season around now, if not earlier, but it just seems that every single thought I had about the swing over the winter has disappeared.

JP Saxe – If the World Was Ending ft. Julia Michaels

For now, here is a song I heard about 3 weeks ago and can’t stop playing – the two artists (Julia Michaels is American, JP Saxe is Canadian) are actually dating, which makes the video that much more poignant I guess.  Who knows.

I want to dedicate this post to my best mate The Welshman, with whom I had my last social outing on the afternoon of my birthday last month.  The next week, we were all on lockdown here and I can’t wait ’til our next beer together!

I know he’s itching to get back to Liverpool in the U.K. to see his parents and siblings but, until things get better over there, we spend our time discussing the situation and debating how best to deal with a global pandemic, government-wise, via texting of course.

There’s also the matter of Liverpool FC having been on the verge of winning their first league title in 30 years but that all seems a lifetime away, even though it’s only been a few weeks since we last watched them play.

Here’s to hoping this is over sooner than later.

Stay safe, WAX Nation, and I’ll be back soon!

Hold your loved ones close.


7 thoughts on “Struggling To Find Words… Perhaps Tomorrow

  1. Terry

    Hey DJ
    I suggest strictly limiting the amount of news and/or social media that you consume. I am also a news hound, but it will have a negative effect on your health even though you may think you can deal with it. I was binge watching for the first week and it left me feeling angry/ negative/anxious etc. Media loves to sensationalize. All we need to really remember is wash the hands,don’t touch the face, keep your distance. That’s it. Turn it all off.

    I have since limited myself and check the stats once a day. ( approx 10-15 min). Then I shut it off or watch some movies or golf tourneys from last year that I hadn’t seen. I go out and get some exercise and listen to some good upbeat tunes, not the gloomy stuff. Helps a ton
    Looks like we are in this for the long haul,unfortunately

    Keep calm and carry on as they say!
    All the best to you and yours. Stay safe

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Terry! Good to know you’re keeping safe! 😁

      I hope I didn’t give the impression that I’m struggling with depression or anything like it. I am indeed a news/info junkie, always have been. Would rather watch documentaries and educational programs over fictional productions so I can’t really avoid it.

      I am actually doing very well in this as I work from home as it is, so my routine isn’t that much changed.

      Mood is great, at the risk of sounding cavalier- what I’m struggling with is how to start writing and posting again when world events make my efforts seem trite. At least to me.

      I’ve gotten emails from people urging me to keep writing and making videos over the past few weeks. I know there are many who want to read golf stuff or watch golf related videos to ease the boredom.

      Apologies to all, I’ve been swing the SwingRite today and I think tomorrow I’ll have something to say. Getting the juices flowing again!

      Back soon!


  2. Terry

    Glad to hear your mood is a good one! I didn’t mean to sound preachy, Just letting you know how it affected me, and what a difference turning it off made.

    Keep posting, this ain’t gonna last forever. A course here in Calgary have said they will open(once this fricken snow is gone). Limited tee times/ 1 person per cart/no rakes in bunkers/ pins with solid cups/no clubhouse(snack shack only). I can deal with that! Hope more courses will follow suit

    Cheers mate

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’m hoping for some of what you’re getting myself, Terry! Not to be dismissive here as I know there is a lot of suffering worldwide but our region has been largely untouched. I think if things continue this way, we may be able to lift the distancing measures at month’s end.

      I would LOVE to be back out hitting balls sometime in May, let me tell you. Right now I’m in holding pattern and raring to go.

      It WILL end, you’re absolutely correct. But let’s double down on this and get it in the rear view mirror quickly!


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