Winter Is Over & I’m Baaaaack…

It’s going to take a couple of weeks to get back up to speed and some semblance of normality here, having been away for over four months, but I’m back, WAX Nation!

I was planning to get back in a couple to a few more weeks but with the coronavirus shutdown, I find myself with the time now rather than later to get back to things.

So, any of you locked away and wondering how to get through it, you’ll at least have some golf-related things to read here!

I’ve been doing a lot of model work with the Mike Dunaway swing model and there will also be some cleaning up with the MCS “Classic Swing” model – as I said before, there are two ways you can swing a club with mechanical-correctness and you’ll have both of them here to compare and contrast to see which one best suits you.

Going forward, there will be two MCS swing models – the “Classic Swing” model based on the traditional classic golf swing from the Bobby Jones to the Jack Nicklaus era and the “Post-Modern” model based on the shift-and-post pivot action of Mikes Austin & Dunaway.

I’m doing some “housecleaning” with the disruption of daily life in these parts, and things may be a little sporadic during the rest of the month.

If you’ve been thinking about anything, a subject or event that came up in the golf world (with special regards to swing mechanics or related), throw in a comment below with your question or suggestion/request, and make sure to set your notifications so that you get that email when I post.

That’s it for now, but we’re now “on the other side.”

Talk soon.


6 thoughts on “Winter Is Over & I’m Baaaaack…

  1. Ross

    Hi dj, hope your well

    I came across your website last week and i have to say its an absolute goldmine.
    Im just curious as to if you have a rough estimate to when your mcs downloads will be available again?
    Ive been studying and trying to implement the austin/dunaway swing for around 4-5months now strictly from youtube videos. Its going pretty well i can drive the ball 350 no problem when i get decent impact. However i feel like your mcs model is what i need to really take my swing to the next level.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Ross!

      Thanks for the kind words. I’ll explain about the MCS videos & why I took them down:

      I was working on replicating Mike Dunaway’s model early last autumn and while I’ve worked it out by now, I was forced to put my site on hold in November due to other life & work commitments.

      Since I was going to make a video on how to swing like MD, I didn’t want people buying the MCS videos because the MCS model to that point was on the Classic Golf Swing and how to swing optimally in that manner.

      I’ve now returned to maintaining the blog but the MCS videos are still not the Dunaway swing model. If you are interested in the Dunaway swing, by all means, just follow the blog & I should have something in that regard – I’ll be calling it the “Post-Modern Golf Swing” because it’s not the Classic and it sure isn’t the horrific and faulty Modern Golf Swing, which no one should still be trying to learn.

      I’m happy that you left a comment and stay tuned for more Dunaway material beginning next week as I blow the dust off and get back to things! 🙂


  2. Ross

    Thanks for the fast reply!

    I will definately keep an eye out for more posts.
    Ive always admired dunaways swing and thought it to be pretty much the best. Im sure your very busy but i just have a couple of questions.

    Im going to try replicating dunnaways swing also and im sure your still figuring things out about the swing.

    Would you reccomend a neatural stance. Or still keeping a bias to the right?

    And lastly. Is there any specific posts on your blog /youtube videos that you would reccomend me to look at to help me replicate the swing for now. Until you are done creating your model? 🙂

    Thanks for your time dj its much appreciated.
    Im hoping to be able to drive the balll 400 yards by the end of the year i know its possiblefor me but id rather have the mcs first and then train to speed this up.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’m actually done with the modeling, Ross – I just haven’t been able to get swings on video it being winter where I live and now, I don’t know what’s going on with the pandemic.

      The only materials I can recommend would be listening to and watching Dunaway himself. That’s all I used beside just studying the positions and reverse-engineering to get to the impact from the top and to the top from address using the compound move action.

      If things are shut down for very long, I’ll just go ahead make the swing video explaining and demonstrating the action – there’s no better model than Dunaway himself to look at swinging and between that & my explanation/demonstrating, I’m sure it would teach people as well as if I were showing my own swings with the model.

      Oh, and as for the right-bias, notice that Dunaway himself was right-biased on his model at times:

      And the last video of him swinging that I have, with the modern driver – also right-biased!

      I’ve swung with both the MCS right-bias on this model as well as a more centered head position with the shift. I prefer the centered version and as you can see, Dunaway himself had a “floating pivot” with the stable head position swinging the modern driver:

      We’re all kind of hanging right now with the pandemic situation, but I’ll find something to keep people practicing their swing and to keep their minds off of the boredom and anxiety – all I’ve had to use has been my trusty SwingRite, which you can use indoors with little space!

      Give me a bit to find my bearings just having started again – I won’t leave you all hanging! 🙂


  3. Larry S.

    Hi D J,
    A very hearty welcome back. I trust all is well with you and yours.
    I too am looking very forward to reading your assessment of the Dunaway mechanics, and I hope you will be able to complete the video on the Dunaway fundamentals, whenever ii is possible.
    On another note, let’s hope we have a golf season this year.
    Stay well.
    Larry S.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Larry!

      Great to hear from you – I hope you and yours are doing well. 🙂

      I have some really good stuff for everyone after the winter layoff – I may have not had time to blog and maintain the site, but I’ve certainly never stopped thinking about swing mechanics nor swinging myself when I have a few minutes daily.

      I don’t know how long things will be up in the air, but I hope to be able to come up with something to keep WAX Nation occupied!


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