Mike Trout Goes Classic Golf Swing = 180 MPH Ball Speed

Now, Mike Trout is a professional baseball player and he hits a prodigious ball in his own sport, but come on, Modern Golf Swing proponents.

180 mph ball speed from a guy likely using a borrowed metal-wood (it wasn’t a driver), and in street shoes, while barely turning a hair?

Here’s the video:

Before I even begin, you notice it’s not even a driver he’s hitting, looks more like a 3-metal based on the size and profile of the club head as well as the height of the teed ball:

… and of course, if you’ve hit enough balls in your life, you can tell that’s not a driver impact sound.

Getting that out of the way, notice how an athlete who makes his living swinging at fastballs uses his body to produce 180 mph ball speed with a fairway metal – with a Classic Golf Swing pivot and hip/leg action.

Notice as well his relaxed, erect posture with no squatting in the legs.

How do I know it was 180 mph ball speed? Because at 10 seconds, you’ll hear one of his entourage yell out “180!”

And that number could only apply to ball speed, are we agreed?

So, this guy in his street clothes and shoes is generating at least 120 mph club speed with a 3 metal…

The man barely has any follow-through and it’s not his designated sport, so why are the best in the world at the game breaking their backs to produce the same ball speeds with custom-tailored drivers and balls.

Is it a perfect swing? Of course not, he’s not trained in that discipline, but I bet he gets a lot of rounds in during the off-season, because that’s a beaut of a motion.

If this guy actually switched sports – and I’m not talking about the skill aspects of the game such as course management, short game, etc – he’d blow away every golfer out there except perhaps Cameron Champ and/or Tony Finau when it comes to club and ball speed and distance.

And he’d likely look a lot like this, looking at his action above:

So, it’s a shame to see a guy who doesn’t play pro golf for a living having drinks and laughs with his buddies putting a more mechanically-correct action on a ball and producing speeds that 90% of those pro golfers would die for, and without any chance of hurting himself while doing it.

4 thoughts on “Mike Trout Goes Classic Golf Swing = 180 MPH Ball Speed

  1. Goose

    Hey DJ!
    That is a crappy Top Golf driver and ball. Balls have computer chips and have to be low compression. CRAZY how hard he hit that!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hey Goose!

      That is a crappy Top Golf driver and ball. Balls have computer chips and have to be low compression.

      I’ve never done Top Golf so I’ll defer to you – and if that’s a driver, it’s pretty out-dated, more like the circa 2000 sticks. Deadest-sounding driver impact I’ve ever heard since they went to titanium.

      Yes, he hit that pretty hard πŸ˜‰

  2. Chief Cowpie

    I am taking great exception with all of the opinions posted here. Clearly Mike Trout has been a long standing student of WAXgolf.com theory. Where else would he of learned the elongated backswing. And keeping with WAX standards, unable to find any Silver Scots at his local thrift shop, found this Tour Pro 1990 model steel headed driver. He may have benefitted a bit with some golf shoes with his foot slipping a bit on his downswing but his reflexes are so quick, he pulls it together. But really, sneakers should be adequate for most anyone at the local range but not for this hard swinging brute. The shot does seem to be drawing a bit but most notable is his maximizing release at impact. He does have an advantage unlike in the World Series of of knowing which pitch is coming as the ball sits restfully on the tee.

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