While I’ve Been Away – Plans For 2020

Hello Wax Nation – greetings in 2020, and here’s to hoping you’ve all had a safe and happy Holiday Season & New Year!

I’m still on hiatus and will likely remain so until the spring, but I wanted to touch base briefly with you all to discuss very briefly my plans for this coming outdoor season.

First, I always wondered what the late great Mike Dunaway would have looked like swinging a modern driver (with the longer graphite shaft & over-sized head), and guess what?

I now know!

Thanks to Wax Golf reader A.H. who kindly forwarded some swing clips he shot of big M.D. when he & a friend spent a half day with him back in 2011, which he very generously offered for use on the blog.

I’m not going to show them as of yet, still being on break, but here is a still sequence on a face-on swing, and I have down the line as well:

I’ll share some of A.H.’s story & observations of the father of modern long driving later, but that’s part of what’s coming when I get back to work on the blog.

Now, a bit of housekeeping from 2019 & what’s in store:

The MCS Golf Swing eBook – Final Edition

The MCS Golf Swing eBook 1st Edition was released a couple of years ago with my intention to quickly turn around and release the Final Edition, but the word “Final” was the sticking point – I don’t want to write another MCS eBook on this particular model, so I’ve been waiting until I knew that I had nothing more to add on it.

Meanwhile, the months kept sliding by while I refined things and looked at my own swing to see how well the concepts were translating. I am pretty sure now that I’ll not add anything to this MCS swing model, so when I have new swings on video from which to produce the stills, I will will be able to get down & finalize this book.

As promised, everyone who purchased the 1st Edition of the MCS Golf Swing eBook before I removed it from the downloads will receive a free Final Edition.

I don’t have a date because I may get more swing video that more aptly illustrates the optimal “floating pivot” action, but it will be completed in 2020, of that I am certain.

Again, I was only going to do one Final edition & my research kept turning up little things here and there that I felt were needed to include.

The Twist – MCS “Perfect Pivot Is 1 Of 2 Models

The Twist: There will be two (2) models of MCS swing and this particular swing model, based on the Ben Hogan “Perfect Pivot” action, will be one.  If you are going to swing in the manner of the Classic Golf Swing greats of old, this is the pivot action that most used, with Hogan doing it the best of all, which is why I named the action after him.

There is no simpler way to swing with a mechanically-correct action than with this particular model.  If there were, I’d have found it.  As I say all the time, I didn’t even create this model. It was simply what I had left when I took all of the greatest Classic golfers’ swings and removed the idiosyncrasies and flaws in their own motions.

I will be re-making the “E = MCS” swing video to present the mechanics of this model, which is why I took down all of the MCS swing videos on this one at the end of last season – with everything ironed out, I will be making my (hopefully) last ever MCS Golf Swing video based on the “Perfect Pivot” action and of course, there should be lots of great stills from this video to use with the Final Edition eBook.

The 2nd MCS Model

The second MCS model in which to swing will be the Compound Pivot model based on Mike Dunaway’s swing action, and the one that most closely resembles this particular version of his swing:

In the time I’ve had to practice any type of swinging this winter, all I’ve worked on is how to best perform that compound “shift & post” back swing pivot action.  I haven’t been swinging at all, just looking at & practicing the back pivot and transition.

It’s been 3 months since I hit a ball & I had to take time off from blogging and maintaining the site due to other work & family commitments.

Rest assured, I was still able to completely break this swing action down and come the spring, I’ll be testing out what I’ve translated to perform, explain & demonstrate this swing action.

It’s a much different pivot & loading action, but I have it broken down & can perform it the way he did it, complete with the flat to low impact heel and step-around finish, and when I know that my performance of this swing matches his exactly – I’ll be explaining it for everyone!

That it for now.  I can’t believe it’s been two months since I had to take time off the blog and I’m likely around halfway through this hiatus – just wanted to give anyone still following the blog a quick heads-up on the coming season.

I’ll be back in a while and if you haven’t followed the blog in order to receive email alerts when I resume posting, I would suggest doing so now!

See you all on the other side!

Best Regards,


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    Thanks for checking in”. Good luck with your resumption. ‘looking forward to more substance.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Apologies, DH – wasn’t watching the blog when you commented. Thanks for the kind words, I’ll be back in the spring! 🙂

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