Another Twist – Up is Down When It Comes To The Back Pivot

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Here’s another twist I would like to share with you all after the “swing up on the down swing” post from last week – that’s with regards to the down swing and guess what – when it comes to the back pivot, Up is Down!

Just as you see people diving into the ball trying to swing down on the down swing, you will get negative results from the wrong visual or image when you perform your back swing pivot.

There is a reason why people who swing like Mike Dunaway or Sam Snead had so much leverage and power in their down swings, and it all begins as you know with the stance and the back pivot.

If you look at the swings, you may see what I see regarding the “down” visual and I believe it’s a key part of ingraining the mechanics of the back pivot while still using the hips & legs to provide the main action.

In the same way that Mike Dunaway explained that the left or leading arm does not move very much in the back pivot (with regards to the torso), I’ll explain how you make a full back swing to get the club to parallel behind you without thinking “lift” or “up.”

Where’s The “Down” Here??

You may be thinking “where’s the down here?”

Well, it’s there alright, and in my experience, there’s nothing good that comes out of thinking “up” on the back swing, just as when you think “down” on the down swing bad things can and do happen.

The key to remember here is that one doesn’t swing a golf club with the arms, rather you do it with a pivot using the hips & legs and a full shoulder turn to provide leverage – just jacking the arms up and behind you doesn’t mean you’re making a full pivot.

Looking at Dunaway’s one-handed pivot:

… you can see how effortlessly he gets the arm and club behind him without using the arm itself to swing that club.

In fact, he’s way past 90 degrees turn with the shoulders, which is where the leverage comes from, not how high he’s got the arms and hands.

When you make a proper pivot, the leading arm just comes along for the ride and it’s the body swinging the club.

More to come!

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2 thoughts on “Another Twist – Up is Down When It Comes To The Back Pivot

  1. Goose

    A great visual/feel for the Figure 7 is to imagine the left/lead side wrapping a blanket tightly around the right/rear side, like you would wrap a baby. This makes your pivot super tight. Just let your pivot unwrap the blanket…Keep your butt behind your heels, this will guarantee accuracy and balance. When you unwind there is a ton of speed. You need your butt behind you so your arms and club don’t pull you forward towards the ball, out of your set up posture.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Good stuff, Goose. I like to compare the left arm with the chest in the pivot as being a wrecking bar (crowbar) Using the body and hands (wrists are the 3rd lever) is so much more effective than trying to create speed by turning the shoulders.

      The shoulders will turn of course, but the leverage comes from the leading arm & the torso together, not by swinging the arms.

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