Brain Twist – Leverage In Down Swing Comes From Swinging UP…

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Here’s something that will twist many peoples’ brains – you get the most leverage, speed & power in the down swing by swinging UP.

That’s correct, and you only have to see the damage swingers do to themselves trying to harpoon the ball (when you dive into the the ball trying to swing down).

You can tell who swings this way when you see that big drop with the head and body to start a down swing.

Exhibit A: Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, when he was wreaking the most havoc on his back (’10-’16), had that very noticeable dip at the beginning of his down swing, which as I said years ago, is a very inefficient way to swing.

When you dive into the ball, you have to then come back up, because you’re going to hit it extremely fat if you don’t – and that’s where you see the upward lunge or jump through impact with the left side.

Instead, you want to swing UP, which will give you very efficient leverage and speed/power production because of the way muscles and imagery work for us.

I actually think of the Driver swing as a home run swing in baseball, and if you are familiar with cricket, as if been bowled a high ball and want to take it for 6.  Either image would work, in my opinion.

If you look at the above batter’s bat and hands, they’re high to begin the swing and even if he’s going to swing UP on the ball, they have to come down before they go up.

Now, imagine the difference if he only thought “down” with the hands and bat when reacting to the pitch… I don’t believe anyone would think that would be a better visual or thought to use, do you?

“Swinging For The Fences…”

Looking at my impact position above, is there anything in there that would make you think “down” rather than “up?”

Think about it – if you’re just thinking “down” on the swing, you’re going to dive into the ball and have to react to that, which in effect actually robs you of maximum speed through impact.

But when you thinking “swinging UP,” guess what happens?

Well, the club and hands have to come down before they go up, but because you’re thinking of what happens after impact, your body will react differently and you’ll swing through the bottom and then back up much better.

Of course, Mike Dunaway in most if not all of his videos would be saying the same exact thing – he always talked about the “up-swing” and not “down swing,” because you want to swing and visualize the club going up:

If you watch Dunaway in the above gif., all he’s thinking of is getting that left hand and the club “up,” and and the body react accordingly.

Even when Dunaway demonstrates another principle, watch how his body is reacting in the down swing bring the left arm and hand UP:

Your swing takes place much faster than you can react deliberately, so you don’t have time to think, “Down!  Now… UP!”

Instead, just think “UP!”

From the man himself, and I’ll be explaining in the upcoming video how this works, and why the way to create the most lag and stored energy in the down swing is by thinking “UP” instead.

In the golf swing, down really is up…

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Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

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7 thoughts on “Brain Twist – Leverage In Down Swing Comes From Swinging UP…

  1. Ralph Hagelbarger

    DJ What is the swing thought for the hybrids and irons? Aren’t the hybrids and long irons more level and the other irons at least somewhat down? Ralph H

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Ralph – the very quick & simple answer is that every club goes up after it goes down and reaches the swing bottom.

      So, the Driver is most effective when it reaches the ball right at the swing bottom or just after, as it will be coming up into impact.

      All other clubs are designed to strike the ball with the shaft leaning forward and not back… so you’re not swinging any differently, it’s just the ball gets in the way in different places along the arc.

      If you just swing and let the ball get in the way, you won’t have to worry about “hitting down” or “hitting up” because it’s one fluid motion and all you’re doing is placing the ball in different spots along the club path to get the desired impact conditions.

      I hope that helps! 🙂

  2. Jeff

    Makes so much sense to me when thinking of the driver, but for the life of me I struggle with this imagery when the ball is on the ground. Just think I am going to top it really bad or whiff it completely. Uggh….

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Jeff! I just answered Ralph’s question above your comment, and I think it will help your visual the same way I explained it to him. I know you’ve got the new video coming as well, and I will be explaining this concept in more detail as well, but you get the gist of it in the answer to Ralph’s question.

      I hope it helps until the video is complete! 🙂

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